Monday, July 31, 2017

What God Creates Matters

TWhy should we care…?

In regards to that which

he or she thinks

On how you decide to live

The voices carry us to places

If we allow them to take us

Destiny has never had a voice

Just a path

So why let any voice

Stop you from the path…

Of course there are cheer leaders

Cheering away for your success

But the snares and bitter bites

Never helped and never will

But even the cheers

As well as they feel

Will never take the fears away

As does destiny’s maker

Which we can read in Psalms 23

We shall fear no evil…

For thou art with me…

He is with us, paving the way

As we follow through each and every

Mile, turn and twist…

Like the silence dive within

And lead you to where you

Have never been

For His way is divine

So why listen to the chatter

Of those that simply don’t matter

Flatter them not

And walk away from senselessness

For He is mightier than their words

And if destiny doesn’t recall it

Then why should you

Pray for the loose tongues

And deceived thinkers

We all have to answer to someone

I answer to my God

That is why I listen not

To senseless blabber

As I pray for their way

May they choose wisely…

By Mark Grijalva Peres


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Too Much Talking, Not Enough Walking...

The path narrows
From time to time,
Or do it seems...
But through what
I have read,
He is the same yesterday,
As He is today
And will be tomorrow...
So must the path be,
The one Yeshua lived through,
Walked through, died through,
And rose again through...
If He walked the walk
Created by God Himself,
Then what makes us think
That we will not be challenged
By our own flesh
To walk the walk...
Anyone can simply talk the talk,
But not walk His walk.
Till death do us part?
Nope, shortly after that... Eternity!

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Friday, July 21, 2017

I want, I need You

Am I not
If You said I am
Then why has my mind
Played with my thoughts
Causing me to doubt...
Causing me to ignore...
Causing me to lose out...
On You... yes, You, Yahweh...
Allow me to decompress
And regain my strength
As I want to climb
This mountain with Your hands
With Your arms
With Your back bone
With Your thighs
With Your legs
With Your feet
With Your mindset
And Your heart...
Never letting go...
Never losing focus...
And if I faulter...
Let me regroup
Within the Most Holy Trinity
As our Blessed Mother embraces me
And release me to continue.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Making Sense

Towards the within
Is where it all begins
Birthed from within
Our Mother's body
Month after month
Growing and growing
Nurtured and nurtured
From within
Nothing compares
To such protection and love
Ask our Blessed Savior Yeshua
While He too grew
Within our Blessed Mother Mary...
Towards the within
Is where we have all
All that it takes
Because God, our Father
Created all that is good...
That is why now,
Now that we have been birthed,
Walk and run, think and talk...
We must continue to nurture
That which is within
By staying connected to the Maker
Of it all... God.
Look around and see...
Our society, our city, our state, our world...
Loss of connectivity to Him
And the end times grows thicker at our feet...
So many turn their backs on God,
Losing that nurturing miracle from within
And falling for anything
That the devil throws at us in general.
We can read it in His Word
We can see it in the Word
That became flesh...
Toward the within,
We have all from the beginning,
But right after the beginning,
Came the disease of our soul called Sin.
Within us are the cries for healing,
Within us are the cries for deliverance,
Within us are the cries for forgiveness,
Within us are the cries for love,
Within us are the cries for acceptance,
Within us are the cries for a new beginning...
All because of this disease called sin.
Close your eyes... See God within
And let your true life begin.
Yeshua came, He saw, and He conquered...
Don't fall for the devils lies and tricks
Your worth is more than you know,
Your worth is within.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Thursday, July 6, 2017

God is Forever

The lies within the mind
Will ruin all in time
What love is this
That seeth not whom
Truly is upon the rise
What's best is best
And time will tell
No doubt will ever
Flourish well;
For if He is on top...
Then be it so...
For if He wasn't
Then the story goes
As it unravels now.
Hold on to never?
Hold on to forever.
He is forever!
The world is a never!

Mark David Grijalva Peres

A Prayer for Redemption

Like the winds that blew
Knocking down
That which seemed to be built tough...
So did this day,
It blew so much away,
From what was meant to be?
But it turns out,
It was not what words constructed...
I am at the end of my means
And I ask You...
God, my Father, please...
Lift me away
from this pain and shame
That I have no one else to blame for
But me...
The laughter of madness
Churns the thoughts
That come thereafter...
Human disaster...
Lord make me good enough
To walk Your path
And away from the evil
Which lurks within me.
Only you are the good
That is within me...
Left alone,
I am but filthy rags...
Forgive me
And allow Your loving grace
To restore me.


Mark David Grijalva Peres