Sunday, March 26, 2017

Who will you follow

We give the devil too much credit, he is adamantly whispering in our ears, things that will destroy us, but seem satisfying to the flesh... but we have to be the ones who listen, the ones who rebel against the Holy Spirit who tells us not too, the ones who take initiative to the whispering lies. The devil is definitely not going to stop until you fall and then he will beat you with condemnation. But remember this and this alone, when our Savior Yeshua was put on the cross by our sins, in pain, bleeding to death, and still being made fun of, He told God to forgive you, them and me, for we did not know what we were doing. The devil will lie to us, but the truth be told, will we listen to the lies he throws at us daily or will we listen to the Holy Spirit, gifted to us by Yeshua upon ascending to heaven, because God loves us more than we love our own selves? We are in a spiritual warfare that has been conquered through Yeshuas death and resurrection, but the lies of the devil will continue until the return of our King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Yeshua... Our Shepherd.
Mark David Grijalva Peres

Sunday, March 19, 2017

He knows us

The world might not know who are
But God knows us...
Each and every single hair
That grows upon us...
We might not have high status
But in heaven,
The angels and saints
Are praying for us all
To reach their high status...
We might not have luxury
Here on earth,
But in heaven
I have read the roads
Are paved with Gold,
Alike the cities... according to Revelations...
And we might feel sad at times
But we really have no excuse to
For Yeshua did leave earth
To prepare a place in the heavens for us
Leaving us His Holy Spirit
To tap into the heavens through prayer...
So yes we live in this world,
But we are passing through
We are gifted with gifts from God
While we patiently wait for our turn
When the trumpets will play
And the worship service begins
Together we will join
The angels and saints...
Until then, let us practice in the Mass,
Let us praise and worship Him,
Let us read His word
And pray faithfully unto Him alone.

May we all be ready,
May we all be blessed.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Born to Die... But Live In between.

When Yeshua asked in prayer
If this cup could be passed...
He knew what the answer was,
And still obeyed...
He did not fuss or pout,
He did sweat blood tho...
So why do we get so twisted,
When we pray
And things don't go our way?
Think about the life of Yeshua..
Our Savior, born to die.
Yes, both you and I
Are born to die as well,
Between those two points,
We are to live...
Knowing what was promised
From the first breath
Breathed into our lungs...
There is no reason
For us to live in misery...
There is no reason
For us to envy...
There is no reason
For us to sin...
For sin is where
We lose His promise,
We lose His mercy,
We lose His grace...
So stop it now
And repent from our ways
Show Him you can
And He will fulfill
His promises now
And those to come
Within you and around you.

Glory be to God.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Who Me?

The mind is so powerful,  it can take you places you never wanted to go and leave you there,  never letting you come back,  while living in the present.  As if you are trapped,  imprisoned without chains or bars, moving freely,  but going no where.  It can make you sick even your body is healthy.  In can remind you of a past you never lived and make you believe it's all your fault.  The mind can destroy your dreams,  if you choose to believe the seeds implanted by whomever or whatever,  growing weeds,  sucking up your life,  while you smile each day,  wishing everyone a good morning.   Beware of the mind,  allow your heart to spread love upon it.  Don't get lost on never land or wonderland,  live in the land God gave you to live  so that one day you will step place in the promised land.  No one deserves to be captive by their own thoughts.  This is why God allowed His son to die a victim death for you,  them and I.  By His sons blood shed,  death and then our resurrection...  Captivity of the mind is just a thought,  we are free...  But beware of the snare of the enemy,  he is stealthy and will lead you astray from the truth God created you to live.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Letting Go

Sooner or later
Without your regards
It will destroy you
It will claw your every gut
Out from your existence
You may not believe it
But it is true...
It will destroy you
From the inside out
Because that us where
It has been stored...
Those feeling of hurt
Those feelings of resentment
The bitterness builds
Decaying the good
As it constructs negative
Sites without delight...
You can fight it
But it will win
For it feeds on rage
So many people
Seek the answers
To resolve the issue
But it can only be released
When you open up
The front door of your heart
And windows of the mind
Say good-bye and let it go...
God knows we all have harbored
Feelings like this from time to time...
Against our loved ones
Against our friends
Against our political officials
Against our clergy leaders
Against out spouses
Against our parents
Against our own selves...
For not understanding who we are
For not respecting our views
For not allowing us to thrive
For wishing upon a falling star...
No one is perfect
No one is exempt
The only freedom found
From pain, hurt, resentment, and bitterness
Is through the Heart of Christ Jesus
He will exchange it all
For joyous things
And wash you clean...
But first you must
Open up the front door of your heart
And windows of your mind
And allow it all to leave
While Christ Jesus love from God
Flushes in.

Mark David Grijalva Peres