Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Just a Feeling

So tired
Some are so tired
All week working
And slaving away...
So tired
They come home
Sit there
Hoping their tiredness
Will just flow away
Some are so tired
Of doing their best
And always being
Found guilty of the rest...
Tired from doing
And still not doing enough...
And then there are those
Just tired of being tired
As a profession given
By stress...
Stress for this..
Stress for that...
So tired! So ridiculously tired!

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Monday, September 18, 2017

Another Nightly Wish

If I be a lie
Then it all be a lie
For He who created me
Made me in His image
And He is no lie!
What be is...
Our humanistic side
Battles against our spiritual being;
We tend to believe so many lies
That cause self demise...
Those lies that push us
Farther from the truth
And make us live miserably.
Such lies that cause
Revolutionary wars
As did the separation
for so many
From God's true calling
upon their lives.
Let the Holy Spirit break
Those chains of lies
And live free in His grace.
God bless us all...
Good Night everyone...
Pray for strength
Pray for forgiveness
Pray for the life
You were meant to live.

Good Night Wishes

Listen to the calmness
Of the night...
Sync into the peace...
And close your eyes
As your heart finds its rhythm
While everything fades
Assure yourself
That today is done
And tomorrow is minutes away
Nothing more can be done
But be grateful for another day
And tomorrow being on its way.

Good Night to all
And to all a good night.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Here I Go Again

Never again...
Seconds later...
Oops, here I go again!!!
To never again,
Shortly after,
It all begins...
The battle within
Against ones own sin
That dims the light
Making some fright...
Never again...
Never again...
Oooooo... look!!!!
It starts
All over again.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Do not restrain
Yourself from truth...
Stop never searching
For that what is truth
And let go of the lies
That cause so much strife
Upon your life
And those around you...
For we were not created
To live in misery
But in happiness
In health and sanity.
Look through the clouds
Realize the sun always rises
And will never hide from us.
It is a promise
Made not by me,
But from the Creator
Since the beginning of time.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

You are His Song

The music surrounds us
The lyrics are created
With our lives...
Let your song be filled
With joy, laughter and freedom
And never lose sight
Of the sound all around
Be careful to never sing
That which will hurt another
We were called
To love one another.
Sing your lyrics
Sing to the plentiful music
And watch life spring
From the ashes
As blessing brought from life
Are filled with music.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Friday, September 15, 2017

Remember to Be Humble

There are things in life
We do not look forward to
But understand or at times
We do not understand why?
Yet we know it just needs
To occur regardless
Of your opinion about it...
We just have to hold on...
Be as humble as possible
And enjoy the ride!
As unpleasant as it may feel.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres