Thursday, October 26, 2017


Heavenly Family,

Help me to rise
For my body is tired...
Oh, my Father of heaven and earth,
This is Your day...
And I am glad to be living in it...
I am so lost
When I am not in tune with You..
The only way of this being possible
Is through prayer...
Grace me with Your forgiveness
For the unspeakable sin
And cleanse my mind
of things within...
Born a sinner
Washed clean by Your blood
My sweet Yeshua...
Holy Spirit lift us from our
Old ways... for we are
creatures of habit...
But with the intercession
Of our Blessed Mother Mary
I come humbly before You
Oh, amazing Holy Trinity...
Guide us, teach us,
mold us, hold us,
Lift us, strengthen us
And love us on our path
That You Adonai have paved
For us... only You and You alone
Know the answers to the
And Why?
And I thank You for this...
For I trust You alone
With my life and Your destiny
For this life You gave given me.
Today I am thankful
For yesterday is gone
And from there You have
Set me free to live today
As You intended it to be...
My everything
Is who You are.

I love You Lord, Yeshua, Holy Spirit and Blessed Mother...
I never ever want to let You all go...
For it is You all that never let me, my brothers and sisters go.

Bless Your day for us and let us walk in Your light today and everyday there after.

In the name of Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Your son, servant, warrior and Knight,

Mark Grijalva Peres

God Knows the Heart

Believe the truth
Deny the lies...
Your heart knows
What is real
And what is not...
Even though the heart
Can be deceitful
When it is in tune
It will know
While the mind
May try to logically
Push you away...
Let the truth
Always set you free.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


From the broken pieces
Of shattered dreams
To the reality
Of what has always been
But too blind to see
From the muttered tears
Covering the truth;
Nothing was as it seemed
It is even better now
Than all those dreams
For they were candy coated nightmares...
Claiming to be my reality.
Truth prevails
It finds the way
And will lead you home.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Some Will... Some Will Not

Some people will love you...
Some people will reflect
Their self hate on you...
But God's unconditional love
Will never cease for you...
Some people will say you can...
Other people will discourage you
From doing so...
While God knows you can,
Because He has faith in us.
Some people will talk to your face,
Other people will talk behind your back,
But God will speak directly to your heart...
Some people will stand by you
While others run away from you,
As God is the one giving you the strength
To stand up step after step...
Some people will read this...
Others will proceed on,
Without even a glance...
While God inspires me for this
And so much more...
God never stops,
Then why should we...
God bless you all on this Tuesday morning.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Humble Yourself

So small the things
That hold the big picture...
You cannot put the frame
Upon the walls without
Some nails to hold it up
So big we think we are
At times...
When from the moon
That shines at night
Makes visibility for our sight...
We must remember to always be
As humble as can be
Stand hard when needed
And see the beauty in silence...
Anyone can say a million words
But one word can
Change the world...
One action can cause
A movement to better
Our world...
The small things might not
Always be visible
But they hold so much up
And give out so much power.
Never forget... always be thankful...
Always see the beauty in everything,
And always be humble.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres
Copyright ©️MDGP2014

Monday, October 23, 2017

Life is Beautiful

There is no other way to say it
But from the heart... I love you.
It is not a cliché...
Heavens... no, no, no...
If love is heavenly sent
How can we make it a cliché?
So many things we do and say
Day after day become
Just another day...
Some people fall into
The routine... when it isn't;
Especially knowing that
Each day is a gift from above
And life is set for you
To choose from...
Think of the buffet
Will you always try the same thing
Or venture forth
And eat something new...
Each day offers us something new
But many times we are caught up
In the mental captivity of complacency... that we become robotic and words like: Good Morning... Good bye and I love you become a cliché.
There is nothing ever the same
Each day is one less day
Of our life from yesterday...
How can we compare each day?
If you feel this way,
Regroup... pray and revamp your ways.... for life is beautiful each day.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres
Copyright ©️✝️MDGP2014

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Try or Do It Is Up To You

In order to change
We must try...
Hold on... ????
In order to change
We must do
And in doing
We must keep striving
And in striving
We must keep doing!
Let us not limit ourselves
With trying...
If you want to change
I mean, really change...
Then you are beyond trying
And must move to doing
All you can to change
Even if it hurts to the core...
Because if it was all okay,
Then you wouldn't have
Thought and acted upon change.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres