Monday, October 16, 2017

The Feelings Towards Buried Thoughts...

The Feelings Towards Buried Thoughts...

Today we stand before thee
Those thoughts birthed
To live and strive...
Thoughts now buried alive
Grasping for air...
But avoiding strife
Upon those... upon them
Who live brain dead...
The mechanical movements;
Fill in the bubbles...
Walk in a straight line...
Shut your mouth and listen...
Dim your light low... it is too bright!

And alone
Within an overpopulated world
We walk amongst the blood
And bodies of those
Who couldn't carry on,
Falling upon the ground
Right before our eyes
As the vultures  feast
Upon the remains

We live in a time
Where a thought
Is covered by dirt,
The dirt of others,
Covering originality
And true creativity.

How is this so?
If we were created
With individuality
And freedom of choice
Shout... scream... dream... think... love... breathe... seed... feed... vote... live... fill in your blanks... __________.
And above all give thanks...
For what is now
Can change in less
Than a second.

Go get your shovels
And dig up your buried thoughts
Live as you were meant to
And not as a fallen society
Protest to live...
Within the hands of greed and vanity... things that never last
But stand firm
On the the unshaken grounds
Touched by the Masters plan
And let the thoughts flow
While creating change
For the benefits of others
And yourself.

Tear it up...
Rip it up...
Burn it crisp...
That obituary for your thoughts
And let life grow within you
Not around you.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Sunday, October 15, 2017

We Cannot Hide

Parents... They bore you, you did not bore them. No matter how smart we may think we are... They have the upper hand. So adolescent youth... teenagers... Think about before doing it. And guess what... We tend to act this way way God too... Look at Adam and Eve... When they hide from God after sinning... Some of us still try to hide it... Other could care less like rebellious youth.. Perhaps we can hide it from others, but we can never hide it  from God. He created us, He knows us. So let us all think before we think and act. All us could benefit from prayer. It keeps us from doing sinful acts and humbles us from thinking we know it all. Just as our parents are trying to kero us from danger, Yeshua us trying to keep us from eternal damnation. Lord hear our prayers as some us struggle with secret sins, our faith, praying, Bible devotion, attending Mass, or living as He created us to live. God knows our hearts. Amen.

If We Could Just Give it to God

Not everyone will,
Even the ones
That say they do
Will understand
The complexity
Of the human mind
The other one carries
So the battle to be heard
The battle to be understood
Is the ongoing talk
Between both parties...
And if one doesn't get it
Then the other one is wrong...
And if the wrong one
Attempts to explain
A world of shame
Showers by the other brain.
Alice Deejay sang:
Better off alone...
Is it so... when the heart
Claims love, love, love
And the mind screams out
Have a cup of shut the heck up...
And the cycle keeps turning
Until its tire pops
And all the possibilities possible
Are thrown on the table.
Who really needs this?
Is the question...
I look around and see
That many do...
Until the cure for many diseases
Comes to past...
Then too shall this communicative
Disease be cured too.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Friday, October 13, 2017

Just Let It...

Let it be
The sun is up
The day has started
Let it be
Let it go
Let life flow...

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

We are All God's Children

We all come from
Different origins...
Some very similar
Others are world's apart
But we are created to thrive
Not drive one another away...
We are more than any lie
Greater than our minds
Can truly conceive...
Let us stop the bickering
The fighting and the sorrow...
Thrive my family... my friends... dear world... and embrace indifferences
using all we are and all we have
For a better tomorrow.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Just Blessed, Accept it

By chance? There is no chance...
There is no luck?
It was meant to be...
Says who?
The old wise owl
From the Tootsie Pop commercial?
You just got to eat your way to the center of it all...
Or in this case... work your way towards your goals...
Not all were meant
To have have the winning numbers
So lucky you? By chance it was so...
Nah... just meant to be;
But work your way
To meeting your goals...
Silver spoons?
Took sweat from another;
Nothing is ever for free.
Even those super good shopping deals...
There were thoughts, sweat and some tears.
Nothing is by chance...
Nothing is by luck...
But then again
Who am I?
Some guy that could
have already died...
Not just once, twice, trice...
Do I consider it chance...
Do I consider it luck?
Nah... just meant to be,
That I am still breathing...
But tomorrow? Who knows...
Putting the dice down
Not gambling any seconds away...
Eyes focused up
And doing all I can
To walk up and straight.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Monday, October 9, 2017

Be Kind... Don't Rewind.

There might not be too much to say
but there is alot to think about
for the mind does not really rest
even when you are alseep
your brian is busy dreaming...
be kind to your mind
dont ever press rewind
on things that do not matter...
live with happy thoughts
and carry on with successful thoughts.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres