Thursday, October 26, 2017


Heavenly Family,

Help me to rise
For my body is tired...
Oh, my Father of heaven and earth,
This is Your day...
And I am glad to be living in it...
I am so lost
When I am not in tune with You..
The only way of this being possible
Is through prayer...
Grace me with Your forgiveness
For the unspeakable sin
And cleanse my mind
of things within...
Born a sinner
Washed clean by Your blood
My sweet Yeshua...
Holy Spirit lift us from our
Old ways... for we are
creatures of habit...
But with the intercession
Of our Blessed Mother Mary
I come humbly before You
Oh, amazing Holy Trinity...
Guide us, teach us,
mold us, hold us,
Lift us, strengthen us
And love us on our path
That You Adonai have paved
For us... only You and You alone
Know the answers to the
And Why?
And I thank You for this...
For I trust You alone
With my life and Your destiny
For this life You gave given me.
Today I am thankful
For yesterday is gone
And from there You have
Set me free to live today
As You intended it to be...
My everything
Is who You are.

I love You Lord, Yeshua, Holy Spirit and Blessed Mother...
I never ever want to let You all go...
For it is You all that never let me, my brothers and sisters go.

Bless Your day for us and let us walk in Your light today and everyday there after.

In the name of Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Your son, servant, warrior and Knight,

Mark Grijalva Peres

God Knows the Heart

Believe the truth
Deny the lies...
Your heart knows
What is real
And what is not...
Even though the heart
Can be deceitful
When it is in tune
It will know
While the mind
May try to logically
Push you away...
Let the truth
Always set you free.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


From the broken pieces
Of shattered dreams
To the reality
Of what has always been
But too blind to see
From the muttered tears
Covering the truth;
Nothing was as it seemed
It is even better now
Than all those dreams
For they were candy coated nightmares...
Claiming to be my reality.
Truth prevails
It finds the way
And will lead you home.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Some Will... Some Will Not

Some people will love you...
Some people will reflect
Their self hate on you...
But God's unconditional love
Will never cease for you...
Some people will say you can...
Other people will discourage you
From doing so...
While God knows you can,
Because He has faith in us.
Some people will talk to your face,
Other people will talk behind your back,
But God will speak directly to your heart...
Some people will stand by you
While others run away from you,
As God is the one giving you the strength
To stand up step after step...
Some people will read this...
Others will proceed on,
Without even a glance...
While God inspires me for this
And so much more...
God never stops,
Then why should we...
God bless you all on this Tuesday morning.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Humble Yourself

So small the things
That hold the big picture...
You cannot put the frame
Upon the walls without
Some nails to hold it up
So big we think we are
At times...
When from the moon
That shines at night
Makes visibility for our sight...
We must remember to always be
As humble as can be
Stand hard when needed
And see the beauty in silence...
Anyone can say a million words
But one word can
Change the world...
One action can cause
A movement to better
Our world...
The small things might not
Always be visible
But they hold so much up
And give out so much power.
Never forget... always be thankful...
Always see the beauty in everything,
And always be humble.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres
Copyright ©️MDGP2014

Monday, October 23, 2017

Life is Beautiful

There is no other way to say it
But from the heart... I love you.
It is not a cliché...
Heavens... no, no, no...
If love is heavenly sent
How can we make it a cliché?
So many things we do and say
Day after day become
Just another day...
Some people fall into
The routine... when it isn't;
Especially knowing that
Each day is a gift from above
And life is set for you
To choose from...
Think of the buffet
Will you always try the same thing
Or venture forth
And eat something new...
Each day offers us something new
But many times we are caught up
In the mental captivity of complacency... that we become robotic and words like: Good Morning... Good bye and I love you become a cliché.
There is nothing ever the same
Each day is one less day
Of our life from yesterday...
How can we compare each day?
If you feel this way,
Regroup... pray and revamp your ways.... for life is beautiful each day.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres
Copyright ©️✝️MDGP2014

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Try or Do It Is Up To You

In order to change
We must try...
Hold on... ????
In order to change
We must do
And in doing
We must keep striving
And in striving
We must keep doing!
Let us not limit ourselves
With trying...
If you want to change
I mean, really change...
Then you are beyond trying
And must move to doing
All you can to change
Even if it hurts to the core...
Because if it was all okay,
Then you wouldn't have
Thought and acted upon change.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Don't Stop Trying

Ever notice
When you are
Doing all you can
To stop something...
Like a bad habit,
It just rings and rings
Within your mind?
It makes itself
Even more appetizing
Than it did ever before
But you just have to
Say no, no, no and no!
Prayers and respect
To all those who are trying
To break a habit
That has been destroying them.
It is not easy to change
When we are so use to doing
Something our minds and bodies
Have been doing or using
For so long...
It can be done... it can be changed!
You have to get away
From all that leads
Back to what you once did.
Keep your head up...
Eyes focusing...
Heart geared for good...
And watch it change.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Feeling It

To feel
Is to know
That one
Is still alive...
Even if one feels
As they are living dead...
The process of thoughts
Sent by your body
Are the feelings
That make you part
Of the living world around you.
Another words...
Until there in no breath
Then there is no life.
Life is full of feelings
And many times
Our emotions
Get the best of us,
Leaving us high as the sky
With cheer and satisfaction
Or enraged and saddened...
Filled with disbelief.
We cannot not blame another
For our feelings of joy
Or for our feelings of sorrow...
Just as we choose our choices
On what we will eat from the menu
Of our favorite restaurant...
So it is with the menu
Of feelings within our life...
Yet we are prone to blame another
Shame another...
And victimize our very own self.
If we were just as proactive to see
What was really there in front of us
So many would make different paths
Or would they?
Who can truly explain the feelings
We spiral through?
Regardless of this or that...
You are alive
You are not dead...
Numb at times,
But by choice...
With choice not to
Feel what makes our feelings,
Our emotions twirl into grief...
Which through experience
Leads closer to death
Than the gift of life given to live.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Friday, October 20, 2017

Would You?

Given the chance
Would you take it?
Holding on to hope
By grasping our Lords hand
Through prayer and devotions
Open the voice
Within your heart
As it cries out
To Yeshua whose body and blood
Bring us closer to Him
Each and every time.
Attending Mass
To accept the fullness
Of His will upon your life
Hear the voice
That calls your name
Listen closely
Without no shame
Regardless of those
That may defame
We are His
If we will only take
The chance given
To truly start living
The way He designed
Our perfection.

Mark David Grijalva Peres


I am at lost for words
As some say...
Words are for the birds...
But words are my friends
They combine the time
Into shape for my thoughts
To comprehend
What bents and burns
This life has churned
Time after time...
Some say I believe lies
Some say I am dumb to cry
They say where I am wrong
And they try to tell me to turn right...
Their right may fit fine
At their current time
Convienently true
But I am shooting for long term...
Like "eternity."
Only God knows what comes next
Only God knows my heart of hearts
Only God loves me
As I need to be loved
From birth to now...
For this I am thankful...
I am thankful for those
Who have told me to my face
That I am not right
Through the eyes they see life with
But I strive daily to see,
Not with mine own eyes
But those of my Saviour Christ Jesus...
A task for a lifetime... no joke.
But with His example, His guidance
And His love for me...
I know I will be ok...
Regardless of what you may think...
Regardless of my past
Regardless of what you might feel.

Thank you Lord God
Praise be to You, Lord Yeshua
Come Holy Spirit
Blessed Mother Mary embraces me
Saints in heaven pray for me
Family and friends who care...
Pray for me... as I pray for you always.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Thursday, October 19, 2017

When You Pray...

Pray without ceasing.     1 Thessalonians 5:17

If you could pray
Pray for that one thing
That would revolutionize
The life lived within
This God less and less of God society,
What would it be?
What words would you combine
With your heart on your sleeve
To offer up unto our God...
God is good... All the time...
Our God is awesome...
God rules...
But what would You ask for,
After thanks and praises...
After lifting up the needs of others...
What would you ask in prayer?
So many wise people have spoken
And it is what I ask for,
Within King David's Psalm 51...
Prayed daily, prayed faithfully...
🎵Create in me a clean heart, oh Lord...
And renew a right spirit within me... 🎶
It begins with changing
The dead man or woman
We carry upon the flesh,
To allow the new man or woman
To rise daily and become
Become the beacons of hope
The light within the darkness
For others to see
God within
For them to find.
When we pray,
What is it that we are asking for?
If we want change,
Let us pray for the change
To start within.
God bless us each
And may He hear our prayers.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

How Deep is Your Faith?

The love of God flows
For us all to embrace,
Not to take for granted...
The Bee Gees sang...
🎶How deep is your love...🎵
I ask you all...
How deep is your faith?
There is no race
But one step after the next
On this lonely road of faith...
Because we can all dance
Up and down the isles,
Lifting our hands, shouting loudly...
Or kneel down
To intake our Blessed Saviours Body
To drink of His blood,
Yet, alone is the truest walk
Within our Christian Faith...
As Christ wept blood in the garden
Alone He was... Or was He?
God never leaves us alone
Within the path Yeshua paved
For us to pace upon...
The Holy Spirit within us,
Our Blessed Mother Mary's
Intercessional prayers, as the Saints
Never cease to cheer us with prayers as well...
We are not alone in the dark moments
His angel have charge over us,
But the question remains...
How deep is your faith?
Does it simply frost the cake?
Or is it the complete whole cake?
God is in it for us completely,
Are you?

Mark David Grijalva Peres


Today is not just the beginning
of a brand new day...
But the opportunity to be thankful
For all the past days...
Good or challenging
They have led to today...
Embrace today as a chance
to live differently
Than you did yesterday...
Enjoy each breath
Knowing that God gifted this
To you in order for you
to praise His name...
There are rules
There are guidelines
But to worshipping
And being thankful unto God
There are no limits...
For His love for us had no limits
For His love has no limits for us...
Either way... God has never stopped
And He never will stop loving us...
He made us to His perfection
Embrace this perfection
With each and every thankful breath.
Today is not just another day,
Change your life from all sorrow
Change your life from all addictions
Change your life from all lies believed
Change your life from all scrupulous ways
By trusting God with all your days
From now until that glorious day
When we are blessed to dance, praise and worship
In His holiness.
Happy Monday to all
Blessed be God today and always.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Feelings Towards Buried Thoughts...

The Feelings Towards Buried Thoughts...

Today we stand before thee
Those thoughts birthed
To live and strive...
Thoughts now buried alive
Grasping for air...
But avoiding strife
Upon those... upon them
Who live brain dead...
The mechanical movements;
Fill in the bubbles...
Walk in a straight line...
Shut your mouth and listen...
Dim your light low... it is too bright!

And alone
Within an overpopulated world
We walk amongst the blood
And bodies of those
Who couldn't carry on,
Falling upon the ground
Right before our eyes
As the vultures  feast
Upon the remains

We live in a time
Where a thought
Is covered by dirt,
The dirt of others,
Covering originality
And true creativity.

How is this so?
If we were created
With individuality
And freedom of choice
Shout... scream... dream... think... love... breathe... seed... feed... vote... live... fill in your blanks... __________.
And above all give thanks...
For what is now
Can change in less
Than a second.

Go get your shovels
And dig up your buried thoughts
Live as you were meant to
And not as a fallen society
Protest to live...
Within the hands of greed and vanity... things that never last
But stand firm
On the the unshaken grounds
Touched by the Masters plan
And let the thoughts flow
While creating change
For the benefits of others
And yourself.

Tear it up...
Rip it up...
Burn it crisp...
That obituary for your thoughts
And let life grow within you
Not around you.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Sunday, October 15, 2017

We Cannot Hide

Parents... They bore you, you did not bore them. No matter how smart we may think we are... They have the upper hand. So adolescent youth... teenagers... Think about before doing it. And guess what... We tend to act this way way God too... Look at Adam and Eve... When they hide from God after sinning... Some of us still try to hide it... Other could care less like rebellious youth.. Perhaps we can hide it from others, but we can never hide it  from God. He created us, He knows us. So let us all think before we think and act. All us could benefit from prayer. It keeps us from doing sinful acts and humbles us from thinking we know it all. Just as our parents are trying to kero us from danger, Yeshua us trying to keep us from eternal damnation. Lord hear our prayers as some us struggle with secret sins, our faith, praying, Bible devotion, attending Mass, or living as He created us to live. God knows our hearts. Amen.

If We Could Just Give it to God

Not everyone will,
Even the ones
That say they do
Will understand
The complexity
Of the human mind
The other one carries
So the battle to be heard
The battle to be understood
Is the ongoing talk
Between both parties...
And if one doesn't get it
Then the other one is wrong...
And if the wrong one
Attempts to explain
A world of shame
Showers by the other brain.
Alice Deejay sang:
Better off alone...
Is it so... when the heart
Claims love, love, love
And the mind screams out
Have a cup of shut the heck up...
And the cycle keeps turning
Until its tire pops
And all the possibilities possible
Are thrown on the table.
Who really needs this?
Is the question...
I look around and see
That many do...
Until the cure for many diseases
Comes to past...
Then too shall this communicative
Disease be cured too.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Friday, October 13, 2017

Just Let It...

Let it be
The sun is up
The day has started
Let it be
Let it go
Let life flow...

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

We are All God's Children

We all come from
Different origins...
Some very similar
Others are world's apart
But we are created to thrive
Not drive one another away...
We are more than any lie
Greater than our minds
Can truly conceive...
Let us stop the bickering
The fighting and the sorrow...
Thrive my family... my friends... dear world... and embrace indifferences
using all we are and all we have
For a better tomorrow.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Just Blessed, Accept it

By chance? There is no chance...
There is no luck?
It was meant to be...
Says who?
The old wise owl
From the Tootsie Pop commercial?
You just got to eat your way to the center of it all...
Or in this case... work your way towards your goals...
Not all were meant
To have have the winning numbers
So lucky you? By chance it was so...
Nah... just meant to be;
But work your way
To meeting your goals...
Silver spoons?
Took sweat from another;
Nothing is ever for free.
Even those super good shopping deals...
There were thoughts, sweat and some tears.
Nothing is by chance...
Nothing is by luck...
But then again
Who am I?
Some guy that could
have already died...
Not just once, twice, trice...
Do I consider it chance...
Do I consider it luck?
Nah... just meant to be,
That I am still breathing...
But tomorrow? Who knows...
Putting the dice down
Not gambling any seconds away...
Eyes focused up
And doing all I can
To walk up and straight.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Monday, October 9, 2017

Be Kind... Don't Rewind.

There might not be too much to say
but there is alot to think about
for the mind does not really rest
even when you are alseep
your brian is busy dreaming...
be kind to your mind
dont ever press rewind
on things that do not matter...
live with happy thoughts
and carry on with successful thoughts.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Love Never Dies... It Transforms.

Remember when you loved me
For who I was
Not for who you asked me now to be...
It was grand, you admired me
Not the person you planned
I would become...
So you wonder why I am done
Done waiting for a dream
That I had to wake up from
To begin understanding
That love is simply an exchange
From your views
Against mine...
I was too selfish for others
to accept who I was...
I am always thankful
Never hateful
Regardless of how it may seem...
I wish you the best,
For you deserve more
Than you ever wanted me to be...
I am me, I am happy to be me...
Nothing less, growing day by day
On my multiple own terms, not yours.
Don't know if I will ever love again...
But I do know,
I am letting my life begin.

Inspired by a talk I had with a friend...

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Sunday, October 8, 2017


Dear God my Father, my everything...

There are words we choose and some we lose to careless ways... there are truly no words to give You all the glory... but actions! I have seen great men do great things in this life time for You and others... but with one slight careless choice... the direction designed is distorted and gone. You do Your part for us... we must do our part too. If You kept Your promises from the Old Testament to the New Testament until now... then we must see our errors... our wickedness and let You truly live within our heart. You are just!

Father, as did Samson rise to do Your will; slaying the wicked with his bare hands; You were the strength that flowed through him... and with all that he accomplished for Your will, he fell to his feet because of a choice made which broke his bond with You. He suffered the cost of turning his back on You... and in the end... he cried out to You... with a heart of repentance and sincerity... his life for You... and You saw him through.
No matter how hard we swerve from Your will my God... I pray we all find our way back to You and that the actions will not be as drastic as Samson's end for us... but Your will be done. 

Give us... give me the strength of Samson to fight as He did for You... especially with his last might and breath... he destroyed the evil of men with Your touch after His fall.  Help me to rise if I stumble... give me the strength as You did Samson
After his fall to rise and with his life he exclaimed: my life for You.

Let my life be for You, dear God.

Your son, servant, warrior and Knight,

Mark Grijalva Peres

It Will Be... But Be the Real You.

When it is up
It is up...
When it is down
It is down...
Either way
Stand strong
Go forward
Knowing that life
Will take you
To your destination
Be it up
Or be it down..
Choice is yours
Up and down
And all around
Live as best
As you know you can.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Lying to Yourself is No Truth

Ever try fitting into a size smaller
Than the size you actually wear...
Struggling to beat the zipper
Or to beat the button to close the your pant...
As you hold your stomach in
While your face turns purple
From the imprisoned breath
Within your mouth
That keeps your diaphragm in place;
Oh, how uncomfortable!!!
But it fits!!!!
Or does it really???
You may have pulled it off...
But for how long?
How long before the button pops...
The zipper stops zipping
And the pain induced on your
Stomach from the tight fit
Causes health issues?
We can try our best to make it fit,
But if it is not you or your size...
You will eventually be
Overcome and defeated.
Oh, it is just a pair of pants...
A skirt or shirt...
It is just a job, relationship and career...
If your trying to fit with someone that is incompatible with you...
Or in a job you don't like at all...
Or in a course for a career
Your heart is not following...
You will eventually be overcome and defeated...
Do not live to deceive
Or live lies of false hopes...
Be honest with yourself
And you will not need to try
And wear a size that you are not.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Blessed Night to All

The day is coming to an end
For some their life has come to an end
And for others it has just began...
Birth and death exchange
Like the sun setting
And the the moon rising...
There is no time or place
When all the transferring will occur
Reassuring that no one is assured
But knowing that your best is
And will always be...
Live to see...
See what is lived...
Feel it... breath it... love it...
Poof... it can all be gone...
All be gone in the blink...
The blink of an eye...
So cherish each breath
Acknowledge the Creator
And live as loved as we are
By Him and those around you...
There is love... it all begins with God.

Good night and blessed dreams.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

God Be Our Center

I want to walk
Hand in hand
With someone
Who has God's hand grasped
And I, God's other hand...
Walking forward...
As God being the center
Of both of us...
Not worried about
What others think...
And if they say something,
Our love through God
Will not be shaken...
Understanding that without God
Nothing is possible
And with God
All is possible...
Time is short
And short is the time
In which we live here
Within the flesh
Within the things of this world
For eternity is my goal
Hoping it will be hers too
Until then... God I give my heart to you...
As I did yesterday...
And plan to forevermore.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Friday, October 6, 2017

Get Your Mark, Get Set... Let Go.

Letting go
Of all we thought
We really did know
As the truth,
But was a lie...
Is truly a challenge...
Being brought up
In things that were wrong
But accepted in the norm
Is a challenge to rectify
And opposition from others
Including family will occur.
However, if you are truly
In accordance with
What you know is a lie
And wanting to live truth...
The price to pay
May seem rough
But necessary
On your path to happiness.
Never give up on yourself
Never give up on your truth
Never give up on faith
For through all life's
storms and floods...
Hope floats!

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Prayer to You, Knowing Myself Without You

Father God,

I am so goofy without You. I goof up if I am not focused on You. I let words slip out that make me regret I could ever talk sometimes... the part I dislike is that I mean no harm, but they still hurt another. Please forgive me for being goofy in my speech and actions. I always need Your touch of light upon my darkened mind from time to time. There is nothing I can hide from You, because You see all, You hear all and You feel all that is within my heart. I want to please You always and I reach out my hands to You, realizing more than ever... I need Your words to speak from my mouth, I need Your hands to move that which You need me to move, I need Your feet, to walk the path You made for me... I need Your heart to love everyone, including myself... I am worthy of Your love and Your will in my life, regardless of yesterday... for today is here and tomorrow is waiting for me. Only You and You alone know everything... for this I continue to ask You grant me serenity, patience, understanding, guidance and love to never fall away from Your presence. I may fall short of Your glory upon my life... but just as Your angels protected my Saviour, Your Son, Yeshua... I ask that same protection fall upon myself. I need Your touch upon my mind... I need Your agape love to feel my heart.. I need Your strength to battle my thoughts and carry on... I need Your light always to shine through my darkest of days.


Your son,
Mark David Grijalva Peres

Prayer of Love to You

Thank You Lord for giving me this love... let me never fail her... my family or friends... let this love You give be pure in my heart and into her life, as You know I see her as my wife... but I pray for the day to look at my hand with wedding ring and into her eyes and call her my beloved bride, as I want to be part of the bride for Yeshua... to my four children who acknowledge me even though I may not be the best father... or be their biological father... let me be a guide at some point, their fortress and strength... and to my family and friends; some near others far away... I pray for us all to be who God made us to be... some we still talk... others due to time and beliefs have torn us apart, but I consider you all brothers and sisters through the blood of Christ Jesus... be it we be blood related or not be blood related, we are who we are to one another... that is why I humbly repeat what this quote from the picture below states, but edited:

God's Agape Love for us never fails
Peoples version of love based on their upbringing, painful experiences, wrong motives, and religious beliefs tend to fail one another through their definition of love.

Let us let God's truth be the center of our love for one another and let go of senseless stigmas of what love is and what love is not.

God loves me!
God loves you!
God loves us all!

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Awakening in Prayer

Dearest Yeshua,

You came to give us salvation through a stronger faith, undying hope and everlasting love... but many of us walk around like zombies, lost with out these tools for a better life. Some of us do have faith, hope and love in the things that only last for a season... leaving us like a drug addicted lost brother or sister, wanting more and more to finding nothing to truly satisfy the soul. But with our faith, hope and love in our Father God, in You and the Holy Spirit, we can live freely and unafraid of tomorrow because You will be our Shepherd. You make the impossible, very possible. You have shown me, taught me and filled me with faith, hope and love; strengthen me to never ever let go of Your hand, for You never let go, we as humans let go.

I petition prayers for those who are faithless, hopeless and loveless... let them see who You really are with not their eyes, but with their hearts. Let their souls be replenished from all of sins deceit. I pray for both predators and victims, we all need Your touch in the same way. We all fall short of the glory of God.

We are all Your children Father God, let us never carry the spirit of Cain in our hearts, but the spirit of Able. Fill us all with faith in You, hope in You and to be in love with You. Yeshua, give us the spirit of humility and teach us to be obedient as You are both.

My faith, hope and love is in You, Holy Trinity,

Mark Grijalva Peres

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A Prayer for Today, Written in the Yesterday

My God who has been called by many names, as to me... I call You my breath, my thoughts and my life,

I come to You with a thankful and humble heart through prayer and with petitions for my love, my children, family, friends and those brothers and sisters I have never met, yet connected through Your will for us. I ask that Your Holy hands bring healing to the broken hearted, poor in spirit and those with afflicted bodies. You are the beginning and the End... no man or woman can escape this life without serving You or the enemy; for if we choose You and follow Your ways... we will inherit eternal life and if not we are serving the enemy which leads to hades. Brothers and Sisters let us be united in prayer from here throughout our world; praying for one another... regardless of color, ethnicity, language and order within our Mother Church. We are all in this together and will have to choose. I pray we all choose You before anything that the enemy tempts us with: vanity, false hopes and sins of the heart. Let us clutch our hands together, get on our knees and fight the spiritual warfare like You intended it to be be Father. Let our prayers be heard and touch our hearts and strengthen us through the path You have destined us to be upon. There are bigger things going on all around us and teach us to be the light within a darkened world.

Thank You God for choosing us to do Your will, wake up dear lost brothers and sisters... time is precious and limited to one day after the next. Let us rejoice with each of our very own breaths... each day is gift... let us not take one minute for granted.

God bless Your people. Amen

Your son, servant, warrior and Knight,

Mark Grijalva Peres

Take It... Own It... Live Happy!

We can go around
Blaming everyone
Or wise up
And move on!
Being proactive 
Is key to living
A smoother and better life;
Not a perfect life,
But a life worth living.
I see it ever time
In the lives of many children,
They lack in their responsibilities
And “poof!"
The fingers start pointing
At everyone
But themselves...
Sad thing is this...
So many children
Become adults like us
And still carry
The same behaviors...
Blaming everything
And blaming everyone...
Never taking responsibility
For their own actions, responses
Or behaviors...
Oblivious, clueless or careless?
Regardless, it all begins now.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Good Morning Thought to Us All

Today is here

Tomorrow it will be but a memory

Let the memories live

Bringing delight

Enjoy today,

For it will not last,

But some hours…

While tomorrow waits

To give us more…

More memories to store

More breath to breath

And joyous momnets to share.

Have a great day today

to enjoy it within the days to come.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Live Life As God Intended

So much love within
this beautiful world of ours...
and yet we see so much war...
so much pain...
what are we thinking,
choosing death over life?
who told us it was ok
to take, instead of giving
to make war, instead of peace?
the life we live
is based on choice
let us think before we act
and let us live life
as it was intended to be lived.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres
Copyright ©️MDGP2014


Where are you?
Seriously... where are you?
Here and there... everywhere?
You can't be here
If you are there...
You can't live this
If you choose that
Who are you?
If you claim to be this
You cannot be that...
Ask yourself who?
And why?
The answers will flow
By being truthful
And life will flow
If you let it be!

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Good Morning

Glory be to God on this fine day....
Good Morning heavenly Father,
Good Morning dearest Yeshua,
Good Morning Holy Spirit,
Good Morning Blessed Mother,
Good Morning to all the Saints,
Good Morning Saints in the making,
Good Morning Blessed Pope,
Good Morning Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Nuns and Deacons...
Good Morning brothers and sisters,
Good Morning family and friends,
To those that don't know me or don't like me,
Good Morning to you all indeed...
Good Morning to those I have sinned against,
I ask God for forgiveness, and to you I ask
For forgiveness too...
The morning is good... the day belongs to God
And a gift to all of us...
Thank You Heavenly Father,
For Your gift of life to us, them and me.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Monday, October 2, 2017

A Past Prayer Some Years Back

Dear Lord,

All throughout history we can read about men and women who were persecuted for believing in You and carrying out your will. Your children have been persecuted and killed to this day... many question You and wonder how You would allow such evil to exist... I have not the answers; I have questioned You bat several points in my walk with You and am always humbled when I look upon the cross. Only You know why? The human eye cannot see what You see... as does our human mind not conceive what you have in our destinies. We are called to love You with all our heart and love one another here on earth. The actions of our Cain brothers and sisters will not go unseen and the humble servant hearts of like Able will be rewarded. For as Saint Francis of Assisi prayed: “It is in dying that we are born to eternal life." Only You know when and how we will leave this earth to meet You... may it be doing Your will and not our own. Yes, we as Christians will be mocked, ridiculed, hated and even killed for our faith in God; but remember it is not us they hurt, but God in us. We must never stop praying for one another and loving one another; seeking God for His will in our life and until the day He calls us home, I this prayer of St. Francis of Assisi for us all:

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy;

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.


Thank You Lord God for Your strength and wisdom in us. Please bring justice and protection. Your will be done! And thank you St. Francis for this beautiful prayer you left for us all as I pray it daily.


Your son, servant, warrior and Knight,

Mark Grijalva Peres

Keep Looking Up 2 God

Looking up
might get your head weary...
But looking down  will always
Lead to the ground...
We must aspire
To reach higher
And never listen
To the liar
That pushes us away
From the truth...
We were made to shine
And carry onward...
Look up all the time
And live a life worth living.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

He Will Be Your Glue

The shattering sound 
Of your own heart
Like dishes on the kitchen floor
Cause the life lived to halt
No matter how strong one is...
Each piece right before your eyes
All over the place...
While people watch,
Some try to pick up the pieces
Others laugh as you squander
Endlessly on the floor
Carefully trying to pick up
Each and every little piece...
Some people spend their whole life
Looking for their pieces
Hoping someone will come
Come to their rescue and heal them...
But if we could only pick ourselves
From off the floor and see Yeshua
Standing right next to us...
We would see how he is holding your heart
In His loving arms...
A new heart as white as pure snow...
No more squandering on the floor
Waiting for someone to save you
From the pain endured...
Stand up and accept your new heart
Letting go of the shattered pieces
That you hold so dear
While they cut through your hands...
Bleeding without cease...
Yeshua lived, was broken, He died...
He rose  and lives for us to this day.
Let us rise from our pain
Let us rise from our demise
Let us rise and live with His love for us.

Mark David Grijalva Peres
Copyright ©️✝️2016MDGP

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Life is a Start

Sometimes we start
And don't know when to stop...
A time and place for everything
Is not a cliché
It is part of being human
What we feel is important;
Yet it is not what another must feel
Life is one big deal
Respect it, live it and don't lose it
Things will happen
But those are things
And you are not a thing...
The whole balancing act
On the tight rope seen by acrobats
Is not an act... it is life...
We get thrilled by seeing this
But is an actual thing we do
In life... from the time we wake up
To the time we close our eyes
That is why we need our rest
So there are times we must stop
And think what comes next
Before we just go on doing it.
Enjoy your life, don't waste it.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Thursday, September 28, 2017


Never forget your worth! This is only a little reminder that you CAN and you WILL make it through. God made you  with the finest materials: Love, kindness and COURAGE.

By Maria Iribe

You Matter

Do not grieve anymore for past choices that brought upon guilt. It will corrode your spirit and you will prolong the suffering making you fall into a pit of desolation and depression.

Do reconcile with your own self. Start by becoming fully determined to love your being and accepting your life as a beautiful path that is leading you to your Creator.

Heal in peace, realizing how important you are. You matter to God, to your loved ones, but never forget that you matter to your own self. Love yourself ❤️

Teach yourself how to think positively and make it known by remembering to create a loving relationship with your thoughts and your emotions. Look forward to seeing your life flourish into many more blessings that will make your life worth living in greatness.

By Maria Iribe

God Can!

You may not be able to...
But God in You,
You can do anything...
Time after time
We think we can't,
We think we can't,
We think we can't...
But God in us
Through the Holy Spirit
And Christ Jesus blood,
He knows you can,
He knows you can,
He knows you can!

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What is going on?

Bring me to speed...
Better yet, let's slow it down
The world is spinning way to fast
As it is... and so many children
Are growing up so quick...
Children having children...
Children aborting children...
Children dying!
What in the world is going on?
Who came up with such an option?
The downward spiral continued
And the whirlpool in the seas of madness
is pulling anyone it can in
As the enemy of us all
Laughs in hysteria
If you were given life as a gift
Who are we to take it away?
From the beginning to now
Choices upon choices
To do or not...
To do or not...
To do or not????
And kill is the choice...
Kill for freedom...
Kill for radicalism...
Kill in the name of who? God?
Why would we kill in the His name?
“thou shalt not kill" ring a bell?
Did we lose interpretations somewhere along the line?
To to or not to do
Is not just a choice
But to it all consequences follow.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Monday, September 25, 2017

Nature VS. Nurture

We cannot,
Yet we do!
Over and over again...
Time after time...
With our eyes closed
And with our eyes open.
Some say it is innate
While others feel
It is learned...
The questions
Fill up books
With philosophies
And with reasons
Which give rationale
To a world gone mad.
The underlying truth is...
And we know
What must be done
But many of are not willing to undergo
What we must
To find our way out
Of this downhill spiral.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

It is Not About...

It's not about how much you have,
It is about how much you give...
It's not about always being right,
It is about living right in the light...
It's not about being loved by the human eye,
It is about being loved by God's embrace...
It's not about how good you speak & write,
It is about speaking about the light
And how bright it can light
Even on the darkest of nights...
For Christ Jesus alone
Boasted not about the power within
But shared it with us all to this day
Not seeking His glory,
But the glory of Our Father who arts in Heaven...
He walked to delight God
Not to find favor in the eyes of man,
Even after all the amazing miracles,
He was crucified upon the cross
With our shouts and mockery...
And He had all the answers,
But stayed quiet when questioned
Before His crucifixion...
He chose humility over popularity...
God's right, over humans right...
Remind yourself over and over
And over and over again...
It is not about you at all
But about the God who if we choose,
That lives within us...
Praise be to Jesus Christ...
Glory be to God forever... Amen.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Sunday, September 24, 2017

A Morning Prayer

Dear Lord, my God, my King...

I awoke today with some echoes of bad dreams. Please clear my mind and I pray for those within my dreams, in which destruction occurred. I pray for their lives right now... as your children, please guide us and keep us protected. Let us acknowledge You with our hearts always and never put You last.

We are living in a generation of self first and others last. That is not what You sent Your son Christ Jesus to die for us for. Jesus came to remind us and guide us in Your ways to die an awful death for our ticket to heaven.  But I look around and see how so many are living a lie:

Mark 8:36
For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?

I know we all have needs and desires; let us not confuse our calling with sin. Yes, Father I know that there is a balance to everything... but some of us step on one another, kill, cheat and lie for that power to gain... let us be mindful and always keep You centered. From what I have read, been taught and believe through my faith in You, Jesus Christ, You humbly came to serve and not take. Please let me follow your example and love You always with my heart, not just my lips. You know what I want, but You also know what I need. Let my wants be what You want for me through our Father's will for me. Blessed Mother Mary, pray for me to never sway from God's will... I have before and have no desire to do so again.

Thank You Holy Trinity, my heart I lay here at Your altar,

Your son, servant, warrior and Knight,

Mark Grijalva Peres

Do unto others...

Some will speak
Others will not
Some will speak
Without thinking
Others with thinking...
It makes me wonder at times
Who is doing what?
Especially in moments of rage...
No more I love you's???
Just plain out vengeful rage
Bottled up poop...
But then when it all subsides
Hmmmmm... I love you flows out.
I always remember reading
To not spank a child
with the same hand
One caresses them with...
But the reality of it all
The cliché rings loud...
No one is perfect.
But let us strive
to make our rights even better
And our wrongs right.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Simply as 1,2,3


There will be...

There are those that will judge you
Because you are not like them...
Society will outcast you
Or cast you in the place
They seem to think you fit in...
People will walk in
And walk out of your life...
There are doors that will be slammed
While others opened wide...
The I love you's will be said,
But never keep you safe from being dead...
Armies will rise,
As lives will cease to exist...
Creatures will wither,
Never again to be seen again...
The grounds will shake,
The winds will knock down
The firm and stable.
The people will fear,
The people will blame,
The people will lie,
Some will cry...
While others fight...
Fight the good fight...
As Our Father who arts in Heaven
Made for us through Yeshua
To win...
Nothing will return
To what once was,
For it was written,
It was expressed...
It was lived...
Days before,
As it is now,
And will be tomorrow...
Until the end...
And that is only and only when...
He says it is over.
So lose your minds not,
Over heressy and myth...
Trust in the Lord,
With all of your heart...
Lean not on your own understanding...
Until then, love God with all your heart,
Loving one another until your last breath.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Arise to the Day

Beating hearts arise
The new day has come
Live with joy
Share a smile
Amaze yourself with love
From up above...
Good Morning to you
And You and all of us...
Let us let go of what is not
And grasp what is
Never losing sight of the goals
And rekindling the fire
That burns within
To do what is good
For what is not
Will give you us nothing
But pain and heartache...
Move forward...
Take your steps
And watch the truth set you free!

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

The Ride Never Ends

Watching, observing...
My carousel rotate
Round after round
At the sounds of the lovely music
That at times can be eerie
But irons out to the essence of grace
With so many who have rode on it
Some for long periods of time,
As they had to get off for reasons
That people do...
While others are still on there...
Some have left their ghost
Through memories of yesterday...
Everyone had their spot...
Some like the horses
While others chose lions, giraffes or ostriches...
Some stood near the edge
With intentions to see what they could
And get off quickly for reasons
The reasons some share,
While others don't...
I see images of my jewels
Laughing as I held them safe,
Alike images of my Father
Strapping me tight on my horse,
As He drifted away...
While my mother still cheers for me
Round after round...
Family members near or far,
Have their place,
As old childhood friends do too
And new acquaintances aboard
Hoping they will be there tomorrow
But thankful for their friendship today...
On this, 41 years...
It has not stopped,
Even when I tried destroying it
Because of behavioral tantrums
Of life isn't fair...
The music never stopped...
The carousel kept going
Round and round
As the operator, not being me
Tells me, come on son,
Get back on... it never ends
Until I say it does.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

One of them Days

With my eyes half open
My mind craves the pillow
My body the futton bed...
From off my iron chariot
Upon the pavement
That leads to my little room
I call home...
Step after step
Dragging this legislation
Almost there...
Good night moon
And to each star
And each eye that is reading this.
God bless us all.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Friday, September 22, 2017

For Fun or Not?

Watch out
There be pirates ahead...
There be pirates behind...
There be pirates besides ya...
Who knows...
you just might be one too??
Have you ever done
what a pirate does?
Maybe not on a ship...
But in everyday life?
Or have ya ever been taken from
As a pirate would...
Walking to your car
And your windows broke...
Stuff be stolen
Or perhaps no car to be found?
These pirates be taking
Without the regards of others
How selfish... for we all have needs
While some slave day after day
Working to survive
There be pirates
Planning and plotting
To take it all away
Beware there be pirates!

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Forgive to Live

Regret is the cancer of the soul...
She said to me as we spoke
And the words rang deep
Within the caves of my mind
There was echo far within
And I thought and thought
And definitely agreed...
So much regret causes us
To not forgive...
And mostly our own selves...
Because regret eats and eats away
And it is for sure you will not live
As happy as possible with regret
Eating away at your mind
And blaming and shaming self...
I think of Frank Sinatra singing...
“Regrets I had a few, but then again... too few to mention"
We have all done to and have been done to and the chain linked
In circles throughout life
Will continue until we cut
And be linked free from regret...
We have many or “too few to mention"
Either way... all it takes is one
To eat away like a cancer
At your soul, body and mind.
Don't regret... forgive and forget!

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

To Her.. Thank Yahweh

We take time for us
and we don't care
about the hours...
And as the ocean waves
Never stop waving
Back and forth...
So does our love
Never stop...
Those smiles and
Forehead kisses...
The talks and
Dreamed dreams
So vividly expressed
From one side of this line
To yours... it does not end
Like the waves of time
They flush the waters
Refreshing our love
And taking us higher
As we center Yahweh
We are trusting
And believing that tomorrow
Will be here sooner than today.
I love you my love...
And don't you forget it.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

The Seed of Sin

So true indeed...
The seeds of sin
Is where it all began
Not exactly when Eve
Did bite the apple
And Adam followed,
But in the thoughts
of biting the apple...
Jesus said in scriptures
If we think it,
Before we act upon it
We have still sinned,
But the fruits of sin
Are all around us...
Like weeds destroying
the purity of the vines...
Disrupting the truth,
But in the end,
It was written,
The lies are sent back
Along with the liar
In the depth of hades...
We can indulge all we want
Entwined within the swine
But the day will come
In which we will stand before
The Creator of this universe
And answer to His question...
What have You done with my love
Through the death of my son?

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Processing Day After Day

The process may seem long
Day after day
Not knowing the results
But knowing something good
Must come from the good
We live day after day
Trusting in God's higher power
We may be labeled for our lowest moments
Or failing test grades
But they do not see
What God sees...
He sees the hearts that love Him
Above all things...
Don't compare yourself to anyone
But strive to be like Yeshua...
Let your ministry shine the light
That Yeshua shone...
The love of God...
There is nothing worth more in this life
Than to be looked at by God
And one day hearing His words say:

And behold a voice from heaven, saying: This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.
                                                                   Matthew 3:17

For this alone, I live...
For this we were created...
The rest of it all fades...
For if we ponder the thought,
No one is promised tomorrow,
Then in reality the next thought is true...
Life is short.
The process may seem long,
but in reality it is not.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Take It As It Comes

When someone says something
And you know not
If they are being sarcastic
Or real with you...
This leads to doubt;
And doubt is definitely
Not something anyone needs...
Just take it as comes
From that who it is coming from...
Don't get caught up in the hype
It is really not worth
Anyone's time...
Look alive...
No time for broken hearted sorrow... there is no time to waste
But taste the life left to live
And embrace the moments lived.
Grace yourself with hope
And worry not over spilled milk.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Right or Wrong

Everyday we have to keep doing...
And in doing this means
We are trying to do what is right
Regardless of all the wrongs
Darted your way...
Be strong... be fearless...
Never doubt and be mindful
For we are all walking
This walk of life...
And sometimes along the way
There will be some
Who will try to knock you down
And others who are asking
For your help back up...
Be careful you are not confused
With both... it can be a thin line...
As you help the one claiming
To need help... being the one
To knock you down...
Always use wisdom...
Walk in the light
And light is what you will see.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

God Guides Us

If not?
Then what?
If so?
Then when?
Could it be?
I have no idea!
But what is,
And what is not,
Is not!
And what will be,
Will be!
So lessen your strife
Over this or that
And take God's hand,
Which is right above you
Awaiting for your grasp...
On to your next task,
As He guides you
From A to Z.

Mark David Grijalva Peres


So much changes
In so little time
Or has it been changing
But we act as if
We are blind...
God hear the hearts
Of the hurting
And lift them
Up and away
from harms way...
Your will be done
Given it unto You...
Take care of those we love...
God rest the spirits
Of the brokenhearted.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


The sound of the chirping birds
Over the sands of the beach
Accompany me
As I chase ghost
Into the waves of time
Watching my jewels shine bright
From the light of the sunshine
Carving into the sand
Building a way
So that their dad could say
Whatever a dad says...
The ghost of time
Has opened my eyes
Helping me realize
Nothing last forever
Holding hands at sunset
The laughter simmers
In the end kids grow up
And love fades away
But the birds chirping sounds
Echo forever into the ripples
Of each and every wave
That I could not save
As the salty waters
Dripping from off my hands.
Forever is never
Forever is now
Today is tomorrow
Yesterday is gone.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Just a Feeling

So tired
Some are so tired
All week working
And slaving away...
So tired
They come home
Sit there
Hoping their tiredness
Will just flow away
Some are so tired
Of doing their best
And always being
Found guilty of the rest...
Tired from doing
And still not doing enough...
And then there are those
Just tired of being tired
As a profession given
By stress...
Stress for this..
Stress for that...
So tired! So ridiculously tired!

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Monday, September 18, 2017

Another Nightly Wish

If I be a lie
Then it all be a lie
For He who created me
Made me in His image
And He is no lie!
What be is...
Our humanistic side
Battles against our spiritual being;
We tend to believe so many lies
That cause self demise...
Those lies that push us
Farther from the truth
And make us live miserably.
Such lies that cause
Revolutionary wars
As did the separation
for so many
From God's true calling
upon their lives.
Let the Holy Spirit break
Those chains of lies
And live free in His grace.
God bless us all...
Good Night everyone...
Pray for strength
Pray for forgiveness
Pray for the life
You were meant to live.

Good Night Wishes

Listen to the calmness
Of the night...
Sync into the peace...
And close your eyes
As your heart finds its rhythm
While everything fades
Assure yourself
That today is done
And tomorrow is minutes away
Nothing more can be done
But be grateful for another day
And tomorrow being on its way.

Good Night to all
And to all a good night.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Here I Go Again

Never again...
Seconds later...
Oops, here I go again!!!
To never again,
Shortly after,
It all begins...
The battle within
Against ones own sin
That dims the light
Making some fright...
Never again...
Never again...
Oooooo... look!!!!
It starts
All over again.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Do not restrain
Yourself from truth...
Stop never searching
For that what is truth
And let go of the lies
That cause so much strife
Upon your life
And those around you...
For we were not created
To live in misery
But in happiness
In health and sanity.
Look through the clouds
Realize the sun always rises
And will never hide from us.
It is a promise
Made not by me,
But from the Creator
Since the beginning of time.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

You are His Song

The music surrounds us
The lyrics are created
With our lives...
Let your song be filled
With joy, laughter and freedom
And never lose sight
Of the sound all around
Be careful to never sing
That which will hurt another
We were called
To love one another.
Sing your lyrics
Sing to the plentiful music
And watch life spring
From the ashes
As blessing brought from life
Are filled with music.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Friday, September 15, 2017

Remember to Be Humble

There are things in life
We do not look forward to
But understand or at times
We do not understand why?
Yet we know it just needs
To occur regardless
Of your opinion about it...
We just have to hold on...
Be as humble as possible
And enjoy the ride!
As unpleasant as it may feel.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Know What I Mean?

We can't be expected to know
Everything there is to know...
But we need to know
That which we must know
In order to know
What we must do next...
You know what I mean?

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

We Can Face Tomorrow

"Because He lives I can face tomorrow..."
How true the lyrics to the song
That enlightens those who want to believe
With their minds...
For the heart knows
The love of the Father
To His children...
No matter how damaged
It has been because of the thoughts
Filled with doubt
Filled with pride
Filled with deceit
"Because He lives, we can face tomorrow"
It is a done deal
Whether you take it or leave it...
Things may be rough
Moment to moment
But the battle belongs to the Lord,
Just give it to Him
And lose the doubt, the pride
And wash away the deceit
Upon the cross
And you crucify your flesh
To release the clutches of sin.
A never ending task,
It may seem,
But not an doable one indeed.
Because He lives, they, we, you, I can live tomorrow!

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Good Night

Let your dreams tonight
Be so as in paradise...
Close your eyes
And dance within the stars
Swim through the clouds
And watch the angels
Carry you to and from...
Worry not... for all is well
Within the heavens above
That connect to your soul
Directly from the heart...
Let despair drown
In the seas of forgetfulness
And allow peace to flow
Now and forevermore...
God bless you all
And good night.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Nightly Thought

Watching the moon
staring back at me
I watch how it glimmers
shining so bright
and I am in awe
at its beauty...
to think it has been there
way before me
way before you
since the beginning of time
and still in place
in order and perfectly shining
throughout the darkness
I wished it a good night
and asked it to give light
to those driving on the roads
to those walking on the streets
and those afraid of the dark...
I thought I saw it smile
but it was just my vivid imagination
yet one star did twinkle
so I blinked my eyes back
and walked inside my place of rest.

Good Night everyone...
never take anyone or anything
for granted.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Lord, Let Her Pain Be Soothed

Looking through the crack
Of the door...
While she wept
She wept intensly
As she pulled the hair
From her head
Almost to the point
of tearing it off...
Desperation rose
While the sounds of despair
Filled her room...
The question was why...
The rain had stopped falling...
The weather had simmered...
The sounds of terror continued
With each tear that fell from her eye...
He had not the words...
He felt his heart so light,
Why could he not feel?
With a burst of courage
He opened the door
Screaming from out his lungs
"I love you my dear...
I am right here !"
She continued weeping
With a faint type release
A paper fell to the ground
With a picture of him
With the words reading...
Rest in peace.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

A Prayer of Today

I am here today
Not sure about tomorrow
Because, well
No one is promised tomorrow
Just faith and hope
That I will make it
For tomorrow will come
Whether I am there or not...
So with this expressed
I want to give thanks
To my Creator... Yahweh
For the love lived thus far
With my M.I....
To my parents, my children
and family...
For my friends... near and far
And those who feel
I am not worth the time of day...
I am blessed to know that He created me for a reason...
Just as He did you as well...
I hope you find your reason
As for me, He is my reason.
I thank Him for my Thoughts Upon Thoughts and my love for music...
For the gifts of His Holy Spirit...
And the Divine pure love He has for us all.
May your day be filled with joy, thankfulness and love as you take each step that leads to tomorrow.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Don't Get Stuck

Down on the floor
You may think
You will find what
It is you are looking for
But the reality
Of all our lives
It is up here where we can
Find the peace, the joy
And the life we have always
Dreamed of having.
Don't waste your life
Dwelling on the floors...
Floors were made to walk upon
Not to dwell upon...
Keep going my love, my family and my friends... the whole world.
Don't get stuck in one place!

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Glory be to God

It is not about controlling or being right in this life... it is about letting go, admitting you have made mistakes, forgiving, asking for forgiveness and giving God all of you so He can bless you with a better life... the Life He created for each of us. Glory be to God.

Mark David Grijalva Peres


Be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10)
So that nothing is wanting to you in any grace, waiting for the manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ.
(1 Corinthians 1:7)
Wherefore, dearly beloved, waiting for these things, be diligent that you may be found before him unspotted and blameless in peace.(2 Peter 3:14)
Keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, unto life everlasting.(Jude 1:21)
Waiting... waiting... waiting...
There is no debating...
There is nothing wrong in waiting...
Instead of jumping into the next
The next disaster we create
By not waiting....
By not waiting on God.
We wait for everything...
Half our day we wait...
For the light to turn green...
For the next class...
For the time to hit, to clock out of work
For the text response...
For the return call from the doctors office,
That makes you call back three times before they call back...
For the time we believe in that will heal us...
For the moment he or she will see that you love them
For what they are...
For the understanding and patience to know why we are here...
For the return of Christ Lord Jesus our king...
We wait, there is no shame.
So pray up, be blessed and love each minute of your wait, for the blessing could be right around the corner.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

You are You

If you are...
Then you are.
If you are not...
Then you are not.
Don't ever try being
Something you are not!

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My Thought for Her to You

Alone she is not
Regardless of all
Her thoughts
Through all
And all I know
Where my heart
Alone does stand...
I reach out my hand
Through prayer
closing my eyes
And stare into
Our blessed blue skies
Sending blessings and love
And words to show I care
Do not let anything
Do not let anyone
Take or steal
The promises bestowed
Upon us children of God
Or the words we have shared
From day one...
I am here... with arms wide opened
Trusting God
Having faith in God
Praying to God
That His will be done
And if my hearts desires
Be made worthy...
Which is you... my M.I.... my Tutti... my Maria... then Lord, let be what is Yours for me.

I love you Lord God...
I love you My Tutti.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

A Prayer to You

I am thankful to You, Dear God
For awakening me today
You let Your creation rise
As the rest of creation rose
Your loyalty to me
Is priceless as all can see
The Death and Resurrection
Of Your only son... Christ Jesus...
Who am I that You choose me?
I have failed You
Time and again...
I feel worthless
Plagued by sin and doubt...
Choices made against Your will
And still I wake to see
Your beautiful world
Surrounding me...
I offer You this thought
With great gratitude
And ask You to forgive
The sins of the heart
Flush... flush... flush them out...
I want Your grace to fill me up
As I ask this in humbleness...
For You chose me for a reason...
Now strengthen me and guide me
So that I may choose the choices
That lead to Your glory
Now and everyday.
I love You, God...
Blessed be Your name.

Your son, your servant, your warrior and Knight,

Mark Grijalva Peres

The Clock Don't Stop

Tick tock... tick tock
It does not stop
Even when the clock dies
Time keeps going
And lives are growing.

God bless everyone...
Be safe and be thankful...

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Roads are Many

The world has many roads
Some take you there
Some take you here
And some back there...
How does one know
Which road to take...
It is up to you
The traveler!
We are all travelers...
Some will reach their destiny
While others lose their way
And some will lose themselves
In yesterday...
It is up to you to study
It is up to you to follow
The maps that many left behind
Who have reached the same
Destination that you have chosen
There are maps to everywhere
You can think of going
There is no map created to nowhere
You simply just have to stand there
And not move anywhere.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Monday, September 11, 2017

Yeshuas Promises

The promises of Yeshua
Are not short stories
They are not poems
Or fairy tales
The Promises of Yeshua
Are the roads
We walk upon
With our faith in Him
That will lead us to eternal life
Just as those before us
And those who lost their way,
We pray for their souls...
The promises of Yeshua
Are what we all seek and need
Instead of gold and silver
Pleasures and possessions
The promises of Yeshua
Are the whispers of God
Through His Son
Spread to this day
By the Holy Spirit
For those who will not only hear
But for those who will truly listen.
The promises of Yeshua
Are for them
Are for they
Are for you and me.

Thank You Lord God...
Thank You Yeshua...
Thank You Holy Spirit...
May we hear them
May we live them
And enter into our Promised land.


Yours truly through Yeshua,

Mark David Grijalva Peres

A 2014 Prayer

Truly, truly, I say to you, you will weep and lament, but the world will rejoice; you will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will turn into joy.   John 16:20

Oh Blessed Yeshua,

Did our blessed Mother not weep Your death, to then rejoice in your resurrection? I question You not, for a servant, a peasant like me has no right to question his King, You my Lord. I have had moments of such sorrow and You have turned them into joy… even though the sorrow at times tries to haunt me… for I know this is the devil who seeks to trap me in the past. I recall a shirt I once wore from one of my favorite Christian rock groups, Bloodgood, and it read: When the devil reminds us of our past, remind him of his future! I know there are so many of Your children, my brothers and sister who are sick, addicted to drugs and lost within a hurtful past… I ask that you send them healing, deliverance and salvation.

Today marks the day that many lost their lives… due to the attacks on the World Trade Center. I recall the morning in which I was getting ready for my day to begin to see the news and watch to my horror the screen and what had happened… tears filled my eyes as my heart grew weary. I pray for their souls of those that lost their lives due to this awful day and those still affected and with us. I pray for those that committed these cruel acts of evil… that they may be forgiven and change their ways, those that are still breathing and for the souls of those who died too.

Every day there are tragic events happening… souls are dying without knowing You my King… and many of us that call ourselves Your children sit and watch. I pray for forgiveness for me and all those who let another brother and sister fall away without telling them about Your love. I pray that we all join together and share Your messages of Faith, Hope and love… so that a revolution of Your Agape Love will make a change. Your will be done, not ours.

I am reminded of a story from a track I read regarding a damaged bridge up the road. It was night time and raining hard.  The bridge had fallen and a man made of flesh and blood had stopped and got off his car as he parked on the side of the road. He knew what had happened and began to see cars coming… would he try and stop the cars by turning on his car and parking with his hazard lights to warn others; try flagging down the drivers to warn them of danger ahead… or would he just sit there and watch the other drivers crash and die, when he could have warned them and saved them from death.
You my mighty King did so by dying on Calvary… a bloody and cruel death to warn us about that bridge up ahead. Teach us to be willing to do the same Yeshua.  That we will stand in the front lines against the enemy and fear not for Yahweh is with us through Your Holy Spirit… just as our brother and sisters are doing so in Iraq, Syria and other countries. Let us not fold to the devils lies and stand on the rock, which is You my King. Let our sorrows be turned into joy and live to serve You as You lived to serve us. Because of You, I can face tomorrow… fill my heart with your serenity and agape love. That I may think before I speak and choose my words wisely. Let me be patient and understanding. I want more of You in me and less of me in me.

Bless my brothers and sister today with whatever trials they may be facing. Let no words or actions of others rob us of Your blessings.


Your son, your servant, your warrior and Knight,
Mark Grijalva Peres

Lord Have Mercy...

Nothing feels,
like the feeling
That changed

Is never the same
When what was to be
Is not anymore...

Things tear
And many times cannot
Not be repaired,
Regardless of man made technologies...
Apologies... forgiveness... reality...

Just nothings!
Leaving numbness

Pressing against the memories
That seasons open up
And take away...

Nothing feels the same
Since we went away
from the thing
That brought us together.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Lord Hear Our Prayers

Forgive me Lord God,
For there are times
I think of me
And not of You...
I feel so lost within my thoughts
And day to day transactions...
Sometimes I worry
Sometimes I fret
Sometimes my solitude
Bets against you...
How foolish to believe
A lie such as this...
To think one is alone
When even then
Alone in thoughts
Alone in feelings
Alone in this world
Your mercy embraces
Your grace abides
And Your love fulfills
Never leaving anyone alone.
Forgive me Lord for doubting myself,
As my life, my heart and mind
Our truly yours indeed.

Your son,

Mark David Grijalva Peres

I Am Not of My Own

Can your passion
Become your prison?
Never again allowing you
to see the light of day
Limiting all you can say
Tying down the truth
From coming forth
From out your lips...
"Too much of anything
Can be bad for you..."
Are words those close to me
Have spoken...
But my life is my passion...
My life is God's...
He is my passion...
What comes of the this then?
To live and breath
To think and feel
To walk and talk
Are gifts from God
And for this...
My passion is.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Sunday, September 10, 2017

I am a Son of God

But thankful
I am...
I am who
I have become
Through thick and thin
I am not a "has been..."
Or "once was..."
But a "is coming..."
I am...
A son of God
Not perfect,
But perfect in His eyes...
Once lied too...
Now free from...
Living in hope
That I am...
I am becoming
Who I was to be
With stumbles and rumbles...
Still striving till the end.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Past Prayer

My blessed God,

I am humbled by Your love for us as the clock turned and a new day has begun. You have given me another day and another chance to make my life even better than yesterday, today. I know Your plans are here for us all... may be accept them and live them. I do not know what will happen within the next 24 hours... but You do and that is all that matters to me. Thank you and I ask that you protect my love, children, family, brothers and sisters in Christ and the those who are lost. Keep us all on track and when we get off track help us; those who feel alone... lead them to You; those that are lost in sin... save and deliver them.

I pray for myself to never lose my way... and if I stumble... give me the strength to ask for forgiveness and rise again. I love you my sweet Lord... I give all glory to You.

Your son, Your servant, Your warrior and Knight,

Mark Grijalva Peres

The Sands of Time

He closed his eyes
As the rest of the world
Left theirs open...
Expressing thoughts
And words within his mind,
Afraid to share some...
Knowing they would think
He is far gone
From the reality
The rest of society lived in.
Instead he cast
These thoughts and words
into the waters
That came and took
The sands of time
With them...
He tossed them
As he did rocks
Into the mysterious
And beautiful ocean...
Knowing that they would
Be kept safe
And one day
As the waters bring
Back and forth
Ocean life...
So too would
His thoughts and words
Would surface
When the right time came...
He walked away
From the beach front
With sand covering his feet
Looking up to the blue skies
Smiling with thankfulness.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Friday, September 8, 2017

Stand for Him... Pray to Him

Sitting is sometimes
Not as effective
As when we are standing
While on your knees praying,
Beats all...
But we must stand after we kneel
We must rise from our seats
acknowledging our King
And love as He asked of us.
We must spread this love
And do it know...
He came, he died and rose again
He lives, he moves and loves us all
Let us stand with Him in us...
Let us speak with Him in us...
Let us live with Him in us!

Mark Grijalva Peres

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Walking dead
No comparison or no contradiction.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Time is Coming

We must get ready
For the time is coming
In which we run short of time
The song sings
That we can live like we are dying
I can see the meaning
But why not live like we are racing...
Racing towards the finish line?
Striving with all your heart...
Striving with all your thought...
Striving with all your might...
Never giving up the delight
of being in God's graceful light.
Not one of us is perfect
We are constantly in training
As the Holy Spirit is our trainer
But will we allow ourselves to be disciplined
Will we allow ourselves To be conditioned
To make it to that finish line
In which I long to hear Elohim's voice say:

His lord said to him: Well done, good and faithful servant: because thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will place thee over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.                         Matthew 25:23

Lord God,

You know my strength,
You gave them to me.
You know my thoughts,
You hear each of them.
You know my heart,
How it desires to please You.
You never condemn me
But uplift me,
Regardless of my past choices.
Allow me to reach the finish line.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Be You

Looking around
Can sometimes
Get you feeling dizzy
Stop spinning
Look ahead
And watch things
As they straighten up...
Enough of the fast life
Live the life
That can give hope
That can give peace
And allow you to love
And be loved
For who you truly are.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Time is Precious

If time is so precious
Then why do we spend it
Oh so foolishly?
Some waste it away
On alcohol and drugs
Others in bitterness...
Living in yesterday
When today has just begun...
Come on people...
The sun is up...
It is Friday!!!
Live in the light
And come from
Out of the shadows of darkness
Today can be your day
To live in a happy, healthier
And honest way.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Inspire Me, Oh, my Lord

Inspire me
As it is my claim
I will never lose
With You leading me
I live each day
Seeking to please
Your Holiness...
But fall short
From time to time...
My heart desires
Your every touch
My mind desires
Your wisdoms clarity
My life desires
Each step within Your path
But my flesh fights
With each waking day...
I am Your son,
You made made me so
Within the love of both
My Father Joseph
And Mother Ofelia...
In each breath since
I have fallen,
Yet risen...
To live my next challenge
And experience each victory
Through You, my God
And You alone.
I have loved You...
I love You...
And will always love You...
For it is this I was created for.
Blessed be Your name
For You are my Alpha, my Beginning
And my End.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Past Repeats Itself

The terror before our eyes
Has been seen before
It was written somewhere
If we do not know the past
Most likely we will repeat it
Over and over again...
But where is the balance in
dwelling and in revisiting?
Only you know...
Not one of us
Can ponder
What you ponder...
Not one of us
Can feel what you feel...
No, not one.
We can imagine and do what
We can to try and understand...
We are uniquely programmed
And each of us are part
Of a greater purpose...
All we have to do is believe...
Be it here or over there
Just don't stand around
And stare as if there is an abyss
When life is full of opportunities
To experience, learn and grow
From that which we thought we knew...
To that which we truly know.
Let us learn...
Be proactive,
Not letting repeat the torturous events
We do not have live through
Again and again.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

The Road

The road less traveled...
Is a lonely road.
Are you willing to take it...
Are you willing to walk
Through it all alone?
Not too many have,
Not too many will,
But the ones who do
May just reach the place
We all dream about
But are much too
Preoccupied with the
Everyday roads of life.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres


Pick them up
Every single piece
Think before you act
Is what my momma
Use to say...
But seeing what
I have seen
There are so many
That have been felt scattered.
With broken hearts
They traded in
Their happiness
For bitterness...
So sad to see
As I once felt,
But light is light
While darkness glooms
And choices as usual
Lead your doom
Or glorious path...
Pick them up
Every single piece
Of your broken heart
And lift it up
To the skies
With faith, hope and love
Watch it all
He put back together again
As you decide to
Let bitterness go.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Don't Lose Your Grip

We cannot let go
We have held on so tight
Don't lose your grip
It will not be to your delight
Grace is upon us
If we choose it so
Has the sun ever
Not risen
Or the night be lit
By the moon shine
Throughout the darkness...
All has its order
From the beginning of time
We can try
to tip the scales
But it will fail
It will be
As it was meant to be
Don't lose your grip
Enjoy the ride
Regardless of the ups and downs...
Let your frowns
Be turned upside downs
Grasp your path
And walk right through it.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

Be The Change

The world waits for no one
We must go forth
And humbly move
Never stepping on anyone
To reach our dreams
But realizing we are a team...
A team of many
In which one word
Can cause a ripple
In the daily waters
We are surrounded with
None of us are better
Than the next
We are all born to live
And live happy...
To believe we are better
Than the next
Is to believe a lie...
There are some who have
Chosen to believe they
Are worthless and
They abuse their bodies,
The gifts they possess
And they squander in the night.
But this does not make them
Any less than us
It makes them lost...
And this is the part of us
That has chosen the wrong things
Brothers keepers are we???
Let us stop holding on
To lies and start living truth
The world waits for no one
But we can believe
And hope for the best
Through hope, faith and let love stir within our hearts
to influence
And cause a great change
The change do many of us
Are dying for in the streets
And that so many of us take for granted.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres

A Thought & A Prayer

Our labor is not on vain
Even when we may feel
God sees our hearts, thoughts, intentions
Before we go into action...
Thank Him for who you are
From where he has brought you out of
And where He is leading you to...
We all grow weary and tire
But He is ready to restore you
Through communicative prayer
Unto His throne...
So whether you get a pat on the back
Or not...
Whether you get a thank you
Or not...
Don't stop what you are doing in loving others
Because we are going about our Father's business.

Lord God, my heavenly Father...
I ask for all of us who labor
Within our jobs
For the good of others
To give to our families and loved ones...
Fill our bodies with Your
Holy Spirit power, strength and guidance...
Remind us it was never about You
When you sent Your son to die for us...
So let us work, labor in love in Your name,
For it is not about us...
But the love that keeps us going
Day after day...


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Reminded of This

Reminded of just that,
The event that changed it all
And I could not fully conceive
But received it fully
Until I found myself
Saying good-bye to a lie...
How could it have been
Boy to man
No inbetween
But choices led
By notions
Filled with deceit
Yet never understanding
How I was held together
From my first breath, until now...
The pain, the disease, the sorrow, the abuse;
My choices flawed,
Time after time
Digging my grave deeper
As the worms
Seek my flesh for consumption
But You, You had other plans
And fir this I am grateful...
My stubborn heart
Has relived the sorrow, the pain, the abuse...
Like a cinema playing
Remastered editions
Of classic films...
But I assure you this
That these are not classic
But therefore tragic...
As I pray for release
Time and again...
The feelings of shame
The feelings of grief
The feelings of regret
No! Not now
Or ever again...
You came, You saw, and You conquered
So that I may never let sin reign again
Living with its residual slime
Time after time...
Respect the past, I say
But calls it quits
To live again...
The years have been lived
Through the good times
Through the bad times,
But because of You,
Father God, my Savior Yeshua, and the Holy Spirit... I have been held together,
Allowed to breath
And receive the goodness
Which rises from the ashes...
Reminded of just this...
They will choose
They will rise
They may fall
But You never leave our side.
Thank You.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Truth Shall Lead Us

Can anyone truly say
That what they think
Is the only truth
To proceed in day to day
Life activities?
We all come from
Worlds within worlds...
And in these... we grow
Branching out
And growing some more.
We read, we feed
from those before us
And those around us now...
But just as in anything...
We are what we eat...
Be careful to not digest a lie
That will cause you to die...
To die is not just ceasing to exist
Among the flesh...
But to live day to day
In an uncalled for way.
We were made to choose
And to choose wisely...
loving the life
We were gifted with...
What you know... I may not know,
In return... what I know, you might not know... choose what you know
Your soul so desires...
For that of the now
May not lead you to tomorrow...
The truth shall lead us...
Though the heart be deceitful...
It tugs towards what is right
If our minds are in alignment
With what is right...
Live happy and free
Never in lies or mental slavery.

Thoughts Upon Thoughts
Mark Grijalva Peres