Friday, July 21, 2017

I want, I need You

Am I not
If You said I am
Then why has my mind
Played with my thoughts
Causing me to doubt...
Causing me to ignore...
Causing me to lose out...
On You... yes, You, Yahweh...
Allow me to decompress
And regain my strength
As I want to climb
This mountain with Your hands
With Your arms
With Your back bone
With Your thighs
With Your legs
With Your feet
With Your mindset
And Your heart...
Never letting go...
Never losing focus...
And if I faulter...
Let me regroup
Within the Most Holy Trinity
As our Blessed Mother embraces me
And release me to continue.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Making Sense

Towards the within
Is where it all begins
Birthed from within
Our Mother's body
Month after month
Growing and growing
Nurtured and nurtured
From within
Nothing compares
To such protection and love
Ask our Blessed Savior Yeshua
While He too grew
Within our Blessed Mother Mary...
Towards the within
Is where we have all
All that it takes
Because God, our Father
Created all that is good...
That is why now,
Now that we have been birthed,
Walk and run, think and talk...
We must continue to nurture
That which is within
By staying connected to the Maker
Of it all... God.
Look around and see...
Our society, our city, our state, our world...
Loss of connectivity to Him
And the end times grows thicker at our feet...
So many turn their backs on God,
Losing that nurturing miracle from within
And falling for anything
That the devil throws at us in general.
We can read it in His Word
We can see it in the Word
That became flesh...
Toward the within,
We have all from the beginning,
But right after the beginning,
Came the disease of our soul called Sin.
Within us are the cries for healing,
Within us are the cries for deliverance,
Within us are the cries for forgiveness,
Within us are the cries for love,
Within us are the cries for acceptance,
Within us are the cries for a new beginning...
All because of this disease called sin.
Close your eyes... See God within
And let your true life begin.
Yeshua came, He saw, and He conquered...
Don't fall for the devils lies and tricks
Your worth is more than you know,
Your worth is within.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Thursday, July 6, 2017

God is Forever

The lies within the mind
Will ruin all in time
What love is this
That seeth not whom
Truly is upon the rise
What's best is best
And time will tell
No doubt will ever
Flourish well;
For if He is on top...
Then be it so...
For if He wasn't
Then the story goes
As it unravels now.
Hold on to never?
Hold on to forever.
He is forever!
The world is a never!

Mark David Grijalva Peres

A Prayer for Redemption

Like the winds that blew
Knocking down
That which seemed to be built tough...
So did this day,
It blew so much away,
From what was meant to be?
But it turns out,
It was not what words constructed...
I am at the end of my means
And I ask You...
God, my Father, please...
Lift me away
from this pain and shame
That I have no one else to blame for
But me...
The laughter of madness
Churns the thoughts
That come thereafter...
Human disaster...
Lord make me good enough
To walk Your path
And away from the evil
Which lurks within me.
Only you are the good
That is within me...
Left alone,
I am but filthy rags...
Forgive me
And allow Your loving grace
To restore me.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

It's Yours For The Taking...

Why fight the love
That created you?
Why move the opposite direction
You were created for to walk upon?
Why listen to the lies
When He gave you truth?
There are things worth fighting against
And there are things worth giving up
and there are things worth giving into...
Choose your battles
Choose your destiny
For it has already been written;
It is up to you
To allow the enemy
In distraughting the true meaning
Of God's truth in your life...
No one can tell Yahweh what to do
But align their thoughts...
Align their emotions...
And fulfill His love in you
Through living His words,
Asking in prayer
And accepting His gifts of the sacraments
His gifts of the Holy Spirit
His everlasting unconditional love...
What will you do?
What will you choose?
There is only life
When choosing Him.

God bless us all

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Monday, June 26, 2017

Grace Your Life With Divine Purpose

We look but do we see
That which we are to see
For the battles have been won
And we walk amongst the ashes
Fighting ghosts from a past
That we have no business living in
Swords have slaughtered
Bullets have shattered
And you stand there
Swinging your fists
To the very sight of your own shadow
What was lost in the wars
Will no longer rise
Or live again on this plain field
We can look back and admire
The heroes that rose
And those that took the fall
But never dwell, just learn
Our minds do tend to dwell
But that will just cause hell
Here on earth…
Bury the past
It did not last
And birth your thoughts
To the new breeze of today
And prepare it for tomorrow
Never again living in sorrow
Look at what we were meant to see
And never again look
Into the dark shadows
For lies do lie upon the land
It is your choice to take them by the hand
Grace your life with divine purpose
And drop the can of slow death
Fill your heart with joy
And let all the distress go
Today we are here
Yet not promised tomorrow
So learn from yesterday
And grow today
To live a better tomorrow.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Been There, Now I Am Here

I have seen
I have lived
And been...
But now I am
And must truly live
The way I was meant to
For alone I felt
But never was
He was always there,
I rejected His light.
But now I see
With my eyes closed
His hands that led me
To the place I am
And have the faith
I will reach
His full potential in me
That He has planned.
Lord, hear my heart
Let me be healed
Allow Your Holy Spirit
To reside within my soul
Let me love
With Your love
Let me speak
With Your words
Let me walk
With Your feet.
I am nothing without You
And I love You Lord...

Glory be to God.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The End is Our Beginning

In the end
The end has no outlet
We must live it
And not run from it...
We may think
It be the worst...
But anything based on sin
Has no truth
And positive outcome...
Father forgive us
For we do sin
As sinners we were born
While the enemy tugs
At our hearts
By whispering lies
Into our minds...
Don't listen
Don't live the lie
Speak not his poison...
For I have
And it ruins the hearts
Of those around
Today may seem like
An eternity
And we base so much
On things come to past
Yet we must base things
On what is to last...
What last be our God!
He is the only life
Worth living and seeking...
Forgive me
For I was born a sinner
Therefore I have sinned
And today I ask
For the forgiveness
I so desire and need
For in the end
I have lived
What I thought be my end
When it can be my true beginning.
In the name if the Father, the Son &
The Holy Spirit...


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Originality is but a memory
Or is it our current reality
Do we live day after day
Making the new
Or pacing in steps
Paced in before
Leading to the same old mistakes
Paths were created
In different places
In different times
Leading to destinations
Only knowing the way
But not the complete ending...
Think of🎶 music🎶
Simple notes created
Inspired by the heavens
And angelic voices
Day after day...
Originality lost
In simple noise...
Losing meaning...
Paths distrout...
But the same 🎼musical notes played...
The path of originality is seen best
In life's greatest test...
Shown to us by God himself... Originality...
Born in a stable...
Blessed with loving parents...
Raised as a carpentar...
Walked in paces to make change...
Miracles performed... Healings and deliverance...
Lives changed,  inspiring hope
Sentenced to a grotesque and brutal death...
To be buried, walk through the floors of hell,
To rise once again with the keys
To the gates of hell... To ascend onto heaven...
Living for us through the Holy Spirit
From a stable through eternity... Originality.
No one has been able to copy this...
This is truly copyrighted...
We were asked in the Old Testament
To follow commandments
And in the New Testament
Reminded of the key...
To love one another  Above all God...
His love spoke to us all, and still does...
Orginality... It's not that same old gospel,
Religious song sung...
It is such as a spring of water,
A spring of hope...
That never ends...
And this path begins with Him...
Within Him... And never ceases...
The paths are many...
But one was created to walk upon...
Created by Him... Orginality...
Are we willing to follow...
Or will we make noise out of His perfect
And lost original song.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Friday, June 23, 2017

Remember Me…

Remember Me...
I was that one
That told you
You could
You said
That you could not
That one time
And plenty before
When you wanted to quit
Pull the plug
And walk away,
I was there cheering you,
Yes, You Can! Yes, You can!
The pain you endured
While living that moment,
Is the point
You will grow in
Or break away
From the life
You are meant to live in…
Nothing comes for free,
Even the air that you breathe
Has a fine process
Before reaching the oxygenation
To your brain
Which makes every thought
Worth the next
In this life
We all live in
Day after day…
Remember me…
I am still here at your side,
Not leaving you
Cheering for your success
Day after day,
Who am I?
Your guardian angel.
Remember always,
I am here.

By Mark David Grijalva Peres

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Prayer for Our Brothers and Sisters

Hello my Blessed Mother Mary,

I first of all want to start off by saying that I love you. I am thankful for your example of faithfulness, dedication, and love for our Father who arts in Heaven. I know that you pray for us as we are all your children. For this I am grateful. I come today seeking your prayers for my fallen brothers and sisters who acknowledge God with their lips and not with their hearts. I ask of you prayers for us all to get closer to your son Yeshua. That we will never stop mimicking His love for the lost souls and us all. That we will stop fighting over territory or beliefs. That we will stop killing each others physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually with false teachings, diabolical traits of lucifer himself, and hate. Let us follow Yeshua al the way home and never waiver or look back at our sinful past. Pray for us to look forward and find the riches in our Father's path fir us, not that which the devil offers for only a season. Pray for us to give our pain, sorrow, lust, pride, fear, stubbornness, and own will to God through the Cross on which Yeshua died for us. I am but a man, Blessed Mother, but I put myself first to act upon this prayer for my brothers and sisters to give all to God, as I stare into your eyes. I am weary, I am in pain, I do fear, I am stubborn, I lust, I have sorrow, pride battles my humblest moments, and my fleshly will always wants to overcome the will of God for my life. I ask of the Archangels to help me through each of my spiritual battles and those of the flesh... To battle diabetes, pain,  and the devil himself. I pray for my brothers and sisters who are battling their flesh and losing punch after punch... Archangel Michael, stop the head of the serpent. We need Your reverence Mighty Father. The end times are upon us. Day after days, the lies are taken for truth... And the truth is buried away. The devil thinks he is winning, but the word that became flesh died and rose again and lives forevermore... Yeshua has the keys to the gates of hell and in due time, the devil and his crew of demons will be cast down, locked away, and the saints and angels will celebrate the anticipated victory. We thank You Father God for Your glory, we thank You Yeshua for Your love, we thank You Holy Spirit for Your guidance  we thank you Angels for your protection and dedication of us, we thank you saints for your prayers, and we love you Blessed Mother Mary for embracing us as a whole... Pray for us Blessed Mother Mary now and in the hour of our death.  Blessed be God forever and ever.

Brothers and Sisters join me with a decade of the Rosary for our fallen Brothers and sisters and strength for us all.

Pray one time with me:

Our Father, Who art in heaven
Hallowed be Thy Name;
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us;
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4.

Pray ten times with me:

Hail Mary, full of grace.
Our Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb,
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.

Luke 1:28-35, 42-48.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Inspiration from Above

Monday, June 19, 2017

Third Day

"Nothing At All"

On and On... she goes
Where she stops no one really knows
Everybody's got a problem so it seems and
She ain't afraid of tellin' me
If you can't say nothin' good, don't say nothin' at all

On and On...he goes
Now look who's playin' the fool
Criticizing, telling lies, putting down
ain't you got nothin' better to do?
If you can't say nothin' good, don't say nothin' at all

'Cause I know that there are times in life
When we just can't keep it to ourselves
but to want is not to make it right
We've got to tame our tongue
If you can't say nothin' good, don't say nothin' at all

On and on...we go
playin the game that never ends
I think it's time that we all realize
a broken heart is hard to mend
If you can't say nothin' good don't say nothin' at all
James 3:5-10

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Act of Waiting

We wait, we wait, we wait...
So why debate,
Or be filled with hate?
Before we are birthed,
We wait close to nine months...
To later wait to reach that height
And ride the big people rides...
We wait to go to school,
We wait for mom or dad
To get home for work,
We wait to be called,
Get in a line and receive our diplomas...
We wait for that one
We later find to never want to be without...
We wait to see if the altar awaits them both,
We wait for our children to now be born,
We wait at doctor appointments,
We wait for approvals,
That seem forever...
We wait to see the sun,
We wait to admire the moon...
We wait to wear our shorts and chanclas...
We wait while we get that call,
That you got the job...
We wait for payday,
And then the next...
We wait for our children to grow up
And then wish they never did...
We wait for them to leave the home,
And start their own life...
To wish they were still in their rooms.
We wait in traffic,
For that one song to play,
That will make that wait worthwhile...
We wait, we wait, we wait...
As God waits for us to stop living life
Quite wrecklessly... to trust in Him... to live for Him... And wait His Son, our Saviour Yeshuas return...
Until then, we never stop waiting...
But growing and growing,
Yet some live bumping into walls,
Waiting for the misery to stop,
As God waits for us to grab His hand
And live happily, while we wait.
God bless us all, while we live daily,
The act of waiting.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Saturday, June 10, 2017

It is Over

The past is no joke
But it is over...
It is done...
Nothing left to say,
Simply echoes
From the events that passed,
With nothing more to give
Only if given,
Their ability with your own will
To drag down the happiest moments
Left to live.
Let go, it was never yours to hold on to.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

11 For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his steadfast love toward those who fear him; 12 as far as the east is from the west, so far does he remove our transgressions from us. 13 As a father shows compassion to his children, so the Lord shows compassion to those who fear him. 14 For he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust.                                      Psalm 103:11-14

It is Over

The past is no joke
But it is over...
It is done...
Nothing left to say,
Simply echoes
From the events that passed,
With nothing more to give
Only if given,
Their ability with your own will
To drag down the happiest moments
Left to live.
Let go, it was never yours to hold on to.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

11 For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his steadfast love toward those who fear him; 12 as far as the east is from the west, so far does he remove our transgressions from us. 13 As a father shows compassion to his children, so the Lord shows compassion to those who fear him. 14 For he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust.                                              Psalm 103:11-14

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Be more like the 'poor widow'

God does not need loud music, concert lights, high tech top of the line instruments, and amazing voices to be praised. He sees our hearts and our will to serve Him. I want to believe, because Jesus Christ was humble, God Himself is humble. I feel He would rather have an off tune, heart felt worship from someone, than what has come nowadays.

Psalm 150

1 Praise ye the Lord in his holy places: praise ye him in the firmament of his power.
2 Praise ye him for his mighty acts: praise ye him according to the multitude of his greatness.
3 Praise him with sound of trumpet: praise him with psaltery and harp.
4 Praise him with timbrel and choir: praise him with strings and organs.
5 Praise him on high sounding cymbals: praise him on cymbals of joy: let every spirit praise the Lord. Alleluia.

It takes me back me back to the scripture on Mark 12:41-44:

41 And Jesus sitting over against the treasury, beheld how the people cast money into the treasury, and many that were rich cast in much.
42 And there came a certain poor widow, and she cast in two mites, which make a farthing.
43 And calling his disciples together, he saith to them: Amen I say to you, this poor widow hath cast in more than all they who have cast into the treasury.
44 For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want cast in all she had, even her whole living.

We go to Mass, church, temple to worship the one true God, praising Him with all that we are, because of Him. We go to be spiritual fed and receive God's guidance; if we want to be entertained, maybe we should go to a cinema, music concert, or ball game. Let give God what belongs to God with our hearts always. Let us be like the poor widow. Amen.

Blessed Father, teach us to be more like Jesus Christ on a daily basis... Dear Shepherd, our Saviour, lead us to Your promise land. Let us not be led astray by the world, as the world continues its best yo take over the church. Amen.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Friday, June 2, 2017

Lord Help Us See

We can try sweeping things under the rug
But this does not mean
Anyone will ever find out…
You can fool some people
But no all the time,
Especially yourself.
You must see yourself in the mirror
When no one else is looking
And how will you tell yourself
There is no dirt underneath that rug
Lies will never last,
The truth always slips out
From under that rug…
No matter how well you think
You swept things under that rug…
Get the sweeper tray
Get that broom
And sweep on that dirt onto that tray
Throwing away the dirt
To never have to deal with it again…
Don’t live in doubt
Don’t live in shame
No one is to blame
But the sweeper.
As my co-worker always told the kids
We work with… “Make good choices!”

Mark David Grijalva Better

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Stumble, Fall, and Rise

Stumbling, fall
Get back up...
Stumbling, fall
Get back up...
Stumbling, fall
Get back up...
Just as our parent/caregiver
Would rush
And pick us up
When we were learning
To walk...
Stumbling, falling
Our parent would pick
Us up and shake off
The dust and dirt...
Just as our parents/caregivers
Redirected our behaviors
As we grew up...
Stumbling, falling...
They lifted us up...
So does our Father who arts
In the Holy Heavens...
As we stumble, fall
Ask for forgiveness
He swipes us up
Shakes us off
And encourages us
To keep walking on the path
He tailored for us...
Don't give up
After stumbling and falling...
The Lord is our Shepherd...
Good bless us all.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Monday, May 29, 2017

A Good Night Thought

Never give up...
Surrender to God
And live the life
You could never imagine...
Put down that joint...
Turn off the porn
Don't even take the last sip
Of that liquid poison...
Pick up your heads
Repent, be delivered, forgiven...
We were made for more
Than that...
We were made to soar
In the heavens God created...
True living... is living for God.
So next time you feel like
Giving up your walk with God
Remember the nails
That were slammed into
Yeshuas hands and feet
And all the blood that was shed
For you, the world and I.
No one is perfect...
But with God in us
We can strive to be more like Yeshua
And allow the Holy Spirit to guide
Us away from vices
And live fruitful lives
Within Gods will
For us each individually
Making the body of Yeshua.

Good night and God bless us all
With his grace, mercy and love.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Sunday, May 28, 2017

We Are Perfect In His Eyes

We crave
What we have
But see it not
Because of doubt
And seek other
Than what has been given,
God made us perfect
Yet we tend to seek perfection
In things that will wither away...
The sun was created perfectly
To rise and give us light
The moon follows it
When it sets
To glow in the sweet darkness
With the delight of twinkling stars,
Perfect, perfect, perfect...
As we admire such beauty and perfection...
Yet, as children of God...
We butcher our thoughts
Intoxicating then with worthless feelings
Comparing the godless
With our thankful hearts
Pushing away the truth
That has led us this far...
God sees our hearts
Not our muscles or fit bodies,
Not our bank accounts or popularity
Not our eloquent speech or educated ways...
He sees our hearts and will use the willing
Heart that loves Him first
Before that which the devil gives
On exchange for our love and dedication
To the one true God
Who created all as it was written...
He sees perfection within
Not from without...
He will give us the desires based
On what He knows is best,
As a father or mother does
For their growing child...
We never stop growing
We never stop learning
We never stop being perfect
In our Father God's eyes.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Friday, May 26, 2017

Don't Own What Is Not Yours

It is not our disease...
It is something we are experiencing,
But do not own...
In life we will experience
So many things...
Some so very pleasant;
While others so very horrific & traumatic
Do not take ownership
Of either one of these,
Instead give them to Yahweh
As an offering...
Be it the pleasant
Or be it traumatic.
But do not own these
For the only thing  that is yours
To claim in this life is what
We were lent to live here on earth
Through the perfection and creation of
Yahweh, our Father... Yeshua, His Son, our Saviour... the Holy Spirit, our strength and guidance... our blessed Mother Mary, who intercedes and covers us, as a mother does...
So the next time we are caught up claiming something...
Give thanks to Yahweh for His grace...
For His mercy...
For His healing power...
For His Agape Love...
Let us take ownership of His glory
Within our bodies,
Within our minds
And within our hearts!
It has never been
And never will be our:
Cancer, diabetes, HIV, AIDS, asthma, cirrhosis, hepatitis, depression, behavioral disorder, traumas, drug addictions, pornography addictions, fears... etc...
Give them to Yahweh
And allow Him to make us
As He created us to be:
Joyous, healthy and praising Him...
If He did so in our creation..
Then all we are, all we experience... must be given to Him and we must praise Him
Through the sunshine days
And through the stormy days as well.
We are His... and as His children...
We must talk to Him through prayer
And love Him with each breath...
God is real and God loves us all...
Brothers and sisters... let us pray
For one another now and always.

Glory be to God forever and ever...
He is the maker of Happily ever after!
If you don't think so...
Look at the life He lived
Through His Son, Yeshua.
Look at it, understand it
And live it.

Mark David Grijalva Peres
Copyright ©️✝️2015MDGP

For a Friend...

I wrote this for my friend
On Facebook after reading
Her lament for the loss of
Her father... as I miss my dad too.
It never is easy losing someone...
Never. I hope she enjoyed this thought
And that it reaches all souls
We have lost in our history
That mean so much to us:

Beautiful soul
You touched our lives
Beautiful soul
May you rest in peace
As we thank you
For the time you shared
With us all
When you walked
Upon this earth...
You are missed
Your words live on
You are loved
As your hugs
Still embrace
This empty space
That was left
The day you moved on.
We are living now
But never the same...
For the day you left
You took a piece
Of our hearts with you
Keep us with you
As we pray for you,
Pray for us.

We praise You Lord
For accepting our loved ones
Into your home
In the heavens
As one day we
Will enter the gates too.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Respectfully Speaking...

Respectfully speaking….
I would… just saying
Regardless of the rest
Or those that detest
For a friendship means
So much more to me
Than that what the other
May go on to feel
I cannot speak for my better half
But I can speak for my own
And will never dethrone
My stance upon who I am
And those that mean so much to me
I will listen to the opinions
I will agree to disagree
Just as you have the right to remain silent
And follow the leader, leader, leader…
But I was made as my own
By the Creator Himself…
Branded with my own mind, heart and soul
To share it, but not be owned
Regardless of society’s norms
I love with passion
But think with reason
There is no treason here
Just true undeniable friendships
And truthful love
To not just you or you
But all… regardless of life’s dispositions
But fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice, shame on me
I was born with two feet…
So I know where I stand
And am thankful for my two hands
To shake and greet those into my life
And wave good bye to those
That is no longer part of my health
In mind, body and spirit
But the love that He puts in me
Will never cease… but increase
With wisdom and grace…
I wish all peace, joy and love
As I walk this life with both eyes
Looking forward and up to the only One
That will never allow me to lose my way
And forgives me, regardless of my errors
God Bless you all
And rest in His mighty ways

By Mark David Grijalva Peres

Monday, May 22, 2017

Offer it Up, Up, Up

What goes up
In the name of our blessed Saviour
Stays up!
As long as we do as our Father
Has commanded of us...
For in order for things to continue
There must be rules,
There must be order...
We see this everywhere we go.
And just as rebellious as Lucifer was...
So that behavior and aggression
Live on in today's world
As it did yesterday...
But as far as tomorrow?
Only our Father knows...
For today could be our last
And into the gates of heaven
We may go marching in...
But there is no knowing
But living in faith
That He, the I am
Will be as He said
He was, is and always will be.
Until then... we must do
That which we were commanded with
And follow the example ship provided
By Yeshua...
And not Lucifer.

May your hearts be open to God
Your minds in prayer and your lives
Sowing the seeds of His love.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I Am Your Brother

I may not think like you
But I am Your brother...
I may not look like you
But I am your brother
I may not talk like you
But I am your brother
I may not act like you
But I am your brother
I may not believe as you do
But I am your brother
You may have other goals than me
But I am your brother
You may disagree with me
But I am your brother
You may not like me
But I am your brother
For when Yeshua died
He did not die only for me
But all of us
And together through His death
And His miraculous resurrection
Through the love of Yahweh
For us all, as our Father...
We are brothers and sisters
Saved by His grace...
Delivered by His power...
Healed by His love...
So put down your armor
Let your mouth rest
Close your eyes
Lift up your arms to heaven
And give thanks and praise
For our God is reaching down
Awaiting your hands to grasp Him
And accept Him in Your heart
As family... as brother/sisterhood...
As His child... let us uplift one another up
Let us be useful for one another
Let us love one another
As Yeshua asked of us to do.

God bless you... you... you...
And us all.

Pray for me, as I am praying for you.
Your brother, son of Our Heavenly Father,

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Friday, May 19, 2017

Let You Words Be Our Words

We each have words to say
We all want to be heard
And understood
Some speak words
That push people away
While others speak words
As our loving Saviour commanded...
Words of love... strength and hope.
We all have a past
Learned words from childhood
And filled with current events...
But if you close your eyes
And let your inner voice be heard
You will hear it crying out
To our Lord... follow along
And choose words of thankfulness...
Choose words of love...
That God Himself put in your soul
Through His Holy Spirit...
Can you hear it?
We were all born
Within His pureness of love
As He breathed life into our souls
With this came the words of life...
But along came sin
And ruined it all over again...
Listen... go back to the Cross
And let your soul be aligned
To hear His voice within you
And truly rid the negative thoughts
That become words
To hurt our Lord within us
And those around us...
As temples of the Lord
We must always
Be mindful of what comes in
And what goes out...
Read Psalm 51...
And let it all begin.
We can spend all the time seeking
Within the words and minds of others
Or open His word
Read and hear
His voice speak to you
And speak through you
The living, healing and loving words
That this hurting world
Truly needs to hear...

Lord help us think before we speak
Lord help us think before we act
Lord help us think of You always
And keep You centered in our lives.

Glory be to You, our Lord.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Truth

The Truth

The truth can hurt,
Burn right through your thoughts…
Giving light to the darkness
And open the eyes of the blind.
Change has never been comfortable
We can see this with every season
That passes year after year
Hot, to cool, to cold, to warm
Allergies, flu’s, colds, dehydration, stress…
But the overall beauty of change
Is like the squirmy worm cocooning
And flourishing into a beautiful butterfly…
Or think of the blossoming of a rose…
Or the amazing feelings of love found
In the arms of that one individual…
Truth can lead to greater places
Before it metamorphizes from
Not so good to excellent.
No one is born writing their name
It is a process of time,
Yet truth is truth,
We are told things
In which stories were created by
Lives have been changed by some of these
But then the lies too have caused
Many myths and stories
To destroy many lives…
The truth is best learned
By seeing someone else live it
Not so much proclaim it…
Too many have fought for their meaning of truth
Losing themselves in the process
And never again taking another breath.
The truth is best lived, not said.
We choose the choices
Which lead to our freedom
Or our slavery.
Be careful what you adopt
As your truth in this life
That was given to you.
No one knows every detail
But the truth comes to those seeking to do good
And live as we were meant to…
Truth or lie?
I cannot say,
I can only live.

Mark David Grijlava Peres

God Before Us

One cannot walk a straight line
When they are living two lives
Holding the hand of one thing
While thinking of another
Within the thoughts...
Wishing to be
When one is not
Is it fantasy vs. reality?
Are we seriously so naive
To understand that poison
does kill us?

Matthew 6:24

No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.

Whether it being money and wealth or
It can be anything we put before God
And the last time I looked in the Bible
And examples of those before us
We were commanded to keep God
In front of all...
We must believe and trust
That God can,
Above all, anyone or anything else...
But holding on to one...
While saying with our mouth
That we love this,
When we cannot let go of another
Brings us to this:

Revelation 3:15-17

15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold, nor hot. I would thou wert cold, or hot.
16 But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold, not hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth.
17 Because thou sayest: I am rich, and made wealthy, and have need of nothing: and knowest not, that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.

Anything we put before God
Will drag us down
Farther and farther from Him
Until there is nothing left.
So before we take another scoop
Of the enemies flavored lies
Think and choose wisely
Because every digestion
Will destroy our spirit and life.
If we love, then we show it
Not with words... but in actions.
Nothing in this life is as fulfilling
As that which God has for us.

Glory be to God... Amen.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Will We Listen?

We are called,
But will we listen?
We are chosen,
But will we accept?
He died for our salvation...
So why do we reject Him?
What do we ignore Him?
All that God has ever wanted
Is to bless us with
His gifts for us...
But we trade them in
For foolishness
That this world has to offer...
Everything has a price
But serving God
By accepting His sacrificial lamb,
Yeshuas crucifixion
And miracle resurrection
Should come natural...
All we need to do is exchange
Our filthy garments of sin in
For the purest of white garments...
Nothing is ever as easy as 1,2,3...
But if our hearts are geared towards
The Holy Cross and our eyes
Focused on heaven...
God will do the rest...
Plus we have the Holy Spirit
To lift us when we stumble
And fall...
We have our blessed Mother Mary
Interceding for us...
And the angels and saints praying for us...
We get so much more
Choosing God over the darkness
And lies lucifer has to offer.
I pray we all stay focused...
Being living examples of Gods love
For others to choose Him
Over the path
That leads to destruction.
God be our strength
God be our might
God lift us up
To where You need us to be.
That we will not flee
But come to You with glee.

Praises and glory be to You
Oh, precious God...
Creator of all.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Sunday, May 14, 2017

One Day Closer

Each day that passes,
Leaves us one less day...
Yet gives us another chance
To live in a much better way,
Closer to the truth...
So many have left for us to live...
Psalm 51... Psalm 23 and so many more Psalms... Matthew 6...
Proverbs 4 and so many more
Proverbs... 1 Corinthians 13...scripture after scriptures in which
our Jewish forefathers, Kings, prophets, brothers and sisters expressed with the power
of the Holy Spirit...
to the mighty words of Yeshua through the Gospels
in parables and actual words
of love for our souls...
to the disciples
who wrote letters after letters... accounting for the life
of our saviour and friend: Yeshua...
Our Blessed Holy Mother,
who gave us the most powerful tool: the Holy Rosary...
and prayers, devotions and chaplets prayers from the saints
That some of us know by heart and others we are still learning;
To modern and past writings
Of our Pope's, Fathers/Priests, Mothers/Nuns, Deacons
and lay men or women...
So much knowledge shared...
So much wisdom given...
For guidance, direction, strength
And life...
What do we choose to follow...
What are we reading or praying?
What fuel are we getting?
Are we, or are we not?
We cannot run in empty...
We cannot make it without
Practicing the sacraments...
We are nothing without God!
So let us join together
In Mass, prayer and study...
And learn what God wants for us...
Let us read and experience
What those before us and now
Have learned with God, Yeshua, the Holy Spirit and our Blessed Mother Mary...
We are always learning...
We are always growing...
Whether we see it
As one less day
Or one more day...
Take God's mighty hand
And walk the path
He created for you.

Amen... Glory be to God.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Mother's Day Thought

When I think of a mother...
I think of a selfless woman
Who gives of herself
To her children...
Who fears no one
And will stomp the head
Of anyone who
Thinks of or tries
To hurt her offspring...
To see her children suffer...
She too suffers
And tends to the hurting ones
While encouraging the stronger ones
To continue marching forward
In this life of twists and turns...
Many mothers come to mind
Whom I have had the pleasure
Of knowing through family and friends,
With the admiration I have for my very
Own mother who has shown me
How selfless and loving she is
To this very day... thank you mom.
Yet, I conclude my inspiration
To a mother above all mothers
Who I was told was the mother
Of Yeshua, my Saviour...
With no regards to her motherly
Attributes to all the children
Of this world...
Until the moment I fell
In desperation one day...
And she came like a mother,
Covered me and wiped my tears away,
Helping me up and pointing
To the cross... to follow her Son.
From that day on...
I knew another and only way
To see her for who she is...
My most precious heavenly queen
And most caring mother.
Thank you for the Rosary
And interceding for our prayers....
I love you most loving and blessed mother Mary... Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my love, to my mother, my sister, my nieces with their beautiful children, my sister-in-laws, my sisters-in Christ, friends and to all mothers in the world. May you all be blessed and follow the example of being patient, obedient and humble as our precious blessed Mother who we do not worship, but admire and love... as any child would their mother.

Blessed be God.
Copyright ©️✝️2015MDGP

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mothers Day 2015

Twas the day before Mothers Day
And all through the house
Chaos was running up and down
The hall ways
With motherly shouts!
Get your chores done
Pick up your shoes...
Dad and the children fussing
But slowly getting things done...
Children are drawing
Their art for tomorrow
And dads plotting a feast...
While mother is trying
To make it through the day
Without another grey hair
From flopping out from her head.

Jijijijiji jijijijji....

The children laugh with joy
As teens moan and groan
As to why they have to do this
And how much life isn't fair!

Let's all stop and be thankful
Giving glory to our God
In the heavens and planets
For our very own mother
And every mother as well...
Especially, mother's to be,
Be it their first or next in line...
That our blessed Father Abba
Touch each every mother
Not just today or
On Mother's day
But each day thereafter.

Lord thank you for our mother
And the perfect example of a mother
Our blessed Mother Mary
Who gave birth and raised
With blessed St. Joseph
Your son, Yeshua
And our Saviour...

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Sunday, May 7, 2017

First Always

What do you value more...
What do you put first?
The sight of your machinery
That takes you here and there
As so many cater to
Thinking it just might break apart;
The job that gives you
The available funds
To purchase all you desire
And live day to day...
The husband or wife
That has been faithfully
At your side... year after year;
The sight of the miracle
Each and every morning
When you awaken and wash
Away the nights slumber;
Or the mysterious breath
Breathed into each one of us
Individually by the One
Who loved us first?
We are to be thankful for all
That is and has been and will be
That He, our God gives...
But look at your life...
What do you value... what do you
Put first?
God put and puts us first
And it never changes...
Let Him always be first
In the life He blessed you with
For only He knows when,
where, what, who, how and why.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Don't Be Lured, Be Free

There is great evil lurking our land
It wants to destroy us...
Some of us lift our hands up in Mass
Secretly harboring evil in on our hearts,
Locked up in cages,
Thinking we can control it,
But it is actually it
That has us in cages...
Controlling us
Pushing God's grace out
And keeping us from the fullness
Of His blessing upon our life...
This evil is chipping away
At what God is trying to build in us...
We have been given everything
To live freely from this,
Through the life, death and resurrection
Of His son, Yeshua...
But this evil sent from the devil
Blocks us from knowing how
To accept the truth...
Instead we partake in
Abortions, domestic violence, sexual sin
Deception, slander, racism, murder,
drug abuse, injustice, hate, rebellion,
Fear, greed, gluttony, envy, pride, sloth,
Disobedience, confusion, and I am sure
We can all add to the list
With that which we do
And that which we pray against...
The evil will grow,
It will digest you
And corrupt you
Keeping you away from the light
And you cannot fight it,
Unless... Unless you surrender
Unto God, the messiah, and allow
The Holy Spirit to guide you
From thus point on.
I am no one to tell you
That you are wrong...
I can only pray for you,
pointing the way to Him,
As someone before me prayed
And pointed the way for me...
This will not make you perfect,
But the sculpture God
Can continue to make become
One if His master pieces
Against the evil that harbors,
Awaiting in every step you may take.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Friday, May 5, 2017

It just is as simple as this...

Sometimes we must realize
What is being said
Is simply that...
Which is being said!
And instead of trying
To fix it yourself,
Simply stretch out both hands
Up to our Father in heaven
And allow Him to do
what He must
For our own well being
Unto His eyes...
All throughout the bible
That so many will say
Is not the only answer,
Yet, the bible gives us blue prints
And examples of life today,
yesterday and what will come...
Written, oh, so long ago, yes indeed!
But still writes of so many
Men and women
That lifted up their hands
Gave it to God
And God did what He needed.
Not always in favor to the flesh
On our bones...
But in favor of the spirit
Connected to Him.

May we all trust in, have faith in, and love Him with all our hearts.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

The greatest of these...

Pride... oh, pride
How you yell out
So many lies...
Filling minds
With the justification
To acknowledge self
Instead of our living Creator...
Yes... yes... yes...
I understand we must care indeed
For that which God
has blessed us with...
our own self!
But never to think
Me, me, me...
Putting me before He
Thinking me knows more than He
For He created the me
So many tend to believe
Is greater than...< >
But to such a lie
Originates from the father of hades
And this is not something to follow
For this alone,
Will leave you alone...
Nowhere in the passage does it say
Anything about me, me, me:

And many that are first, shall be last: and the last shall be first.
                                        Matthew 19:30

So there is nothing wrong
With a healthy self esteem...
In fact, I want to believe
That our Father who created us
Wants us to be proud of Him
Inside of us...
Guiding us, strengthening us and loving us...
But we must always be humble
As His very own Son, our Saviour is.

May God be our words, actions and love always... praying for selflessness
And more Godliness.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

You are the I am

To think they don't see
Is to believe
They were born without eyes
To think they don't feel
Is to believe
They were born without a heart
To think they don't think
Is to believe
They were born without a mind...
To think they will not follow
That which you do
And that which you don't do
Is to believe
You are not their parents
And they are not children...
Oh, Lord help us all as parents
To conceive the notion
That we are our children's
everything... surely after God...
And if we are their everything...
Then they will follow
Our every action
And not just our words!
Lord, please strengthen us all
And let us learn from the parents
You chose to raise Your Son,
Our King, our Saviour...
Both our blessed Joseph and Mary...
Who not only were obedient to You
But protected and raised Christ Jesus.
Not one of us is
perfect here on earth...
But with Your love...
We can discipline!
With Your grace...
We can be patient!
With Your mercy...
We can be just!
And with Your sacrifice on the Cross
We can ask for forgiveness,
Forgive... be humble
And teach our children
What true living is
And where it all begins!
Thank You for my parents
Dear Lord , heavenly king...
Forgive me for not always
Following Your commandment
In Honoring my Father & Mother...
And allow me to be a better parent
Through You to my daughters & son.

All Glory and Honor to You!
My Lord, my Creator and my Truth.

Mark David Grijalva Peres
Copyright ©️✝️2015MDGP

Saturday, April 29, 2017

You Know Me

Wash me clean
From head to toe
From thoughts to nots
Inside and out
Like in Psalm 51
When King David pled
Oh, God, my God...
You created me out of nothing
Giving me meaning and breath
With this I have challenged You
With my unloving actions
Because of selfishness and greed...
Not thinking of Your will
But only of my own...
Which leaves me empty, alone, and ashamed...
But no one is to blame,
But my own two hands, thoughts, and actions...
Yet my heart has always yearned for You,
Because You gave me this heart
To live for You...
You gave me these lungs
To live for You...
You gave me this mind
To think of You...
I have fallen short of Your grace
From time to time...
But Your loving mercy
Has lifted me up
Time after time...
You taught me to crawl
You taught me to breathe
You taught me to walk
You taught me to think
You taught me to know
That without You,
There is no me.

I love You Father,
Lead me through Your path
Uniquely created for me,
Even when I grow weary,
Let Your Holy Spirit muscles
Push me through the next
After the next... One step at a time.

Your son,
Mark David Grijalva Peres

God is Here, There, and Everywhere

So many of us
Drift deeper
Into the darkness
Of this world...
Feeling that
“It is what it is"
As the hand of
Abba, our Father
Is reaching down
From the heavens
To pull us out
And bring us into the light
So many of us
are so miserably happy
Thinking “It is what it is"
And going day after day
Walking in the darkness
Hopelessly, bumping into walls
Leaving bruises upon our flesh
Inside our souls
As the lies from the enemy
Entangle our hearts in disbelief
From the thoughts warped
Inside our minds...
So many of us go on living
Day after day
In oblivion, instead of
God's awesome grace...
We were meant for more
Than what this world
And the enemy has to offer.
Let us never go back
To the darkness
Oh, my Lord...
No matter how enticing
It may seem
From time to time...
Let us grasp our devotions
Let us pray our prayers...
Praying for the hands of those
Living in darkness
Be lifted for our
Father, Abba to pull them out...
Prayers for our brothers and sisters,
Family, friends, and those who claim
There is no God.
Blessed be God in the highest
Praises unto His holy name.

Mark David Grijalva Peres
Copyright ©️✝️2015MDGP

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Don't fear, God will help us

How can we expect God to move within our life if we are not listening to His commandments. Sin is for a season and we must all pay the price for our choices. No one is exempt from this, even if you have all your sacraments, go to church every day, and speak the right words. What is brewing within you? You might not know what is harboring with me... I certainly do not know what is within you, but God definitely knows us both from the inside out... There are no exceptions. If He loves us all the same, then judgment day will be the same for all. I am the first to say I am not perfect and that I fail God... Put I know through His mercy, love, and grace... I can climb back up to reach His hand. But God cannot bless me completely if I hold on to sin, even if this sin may seem justified by the eyes of man. Who matters more in your life? I have put people and ideologies before God and for this I plead for forgiveness, but if I keep doing it over and over again, how can I expect God to allow me to reach His full potential if He cannot trust me enough to surpass what I have pleaded for firgiveness over and over again. Everything takes steps, but truly as I read today... I can't expect God to guide me if I am not willing to move my legs; in doing so... I must knock down the walls and cut ties with sin to walk freely towards Him. Lord hear my prayers for those reading this and myself, to grow more and more in love with You and You alone... For You created us, them, me... Let us live for You.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Uniquely Blessed

Don't think we are different because I agree to disagree... We are both here by grace, but might not be called to do the same thing at the same time... I am not better than you and you are not better than me... I am a child of God as you are a child of God too... I was called to love as you were too... So put down your threats, lift up your hearts, and praise be to God. God loves you, as He loves me too. Let our ears listen and our hearts follow His lead.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

That Moment...

Hold me
I feel like
I can no longer stand
The sight of this life
That's holding me up...
I hang my head in shame
And no one is to blame
But me...
On my knees I find resolution
But when I rise
My self demise is waiting
As it swings its fists
Punching my lights out
And making me
Feel so much pain...
I have tamed such things
But within seconds
They run lose and rampart
All over again...
You rose to rise me
But my flesh eats away
At the breath of life
Leaving strife...
I see their eyes
Day after day...
And hope hope floats
Their pain away
As I have hoping for so many years..
When I reach that point of accomplishment
It tumbles down like the childhood blocks
I once so proudly stacked
No one knows what I know
No one feels what I feel
As I can not understand
Why this or that triggers you...
But I can only carry on
With my own two hands
With my own two arms
With my own two legs
And this messed up back...
I know I am not alone
I know many of you feel the pain
Caused by others and self...
Almighty we can do
Is hope that when our eyes open
To the ring of a buzzer
Or the light shining from the heavens,
To gain the strength
To start all over again...
Hoping hope will float
Us to the top
And never let us drown again...
Lord hear my laments,
Lord hear their laments
Lord hear my cries
Lord hear their cries
And help us overcome
What was already won
At the Cross of Calvary.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Not About You...

When we are challenged
By another's words and actions
Many times it is that
They are challenged with the idea
That they are forgiven
That they are loved
That they are being offered
The gift of eternal life
And have never known such grace...
Like little lost children
They challenge our faith...
They challenge our trust...
They challenge He who lives
Within our soul... for it is
Never about us...
It is all about Elohim...
Never take anything personal
Many of us were once lost
But now we are found
Through the loving sacrifice of God
And His loving kindness, patience
And grace.
When they challenge us
And God lives in us...
They are challenging Him,
Not us... let us pray they see God in us
And they find God as well
Living within them too.

God bless us all. Amen.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Don't Be Deceived

My, Oh my
What is it that
you are wearing, dear sir?
God is everything
Not busy for us at all
Divided in three,
Holy Trinity
Making one
For you, us, and me!
Confused you are
Confusion you bring
To those that are
Not understanding...
Your shirt illustrates
Satan's face expressing
God is busy... but I can help you!
As I approached you...
You saw my chaplet around my neck
And you focused on the crucifix
So bluntly, you told me to @%#* off!
All I could say was God is not busy
And God loves you.
Please my friends...
Don't let injustice prevail,
Freedom of expression is true
But some ’make believe' freedom
Leads us to places
None of us will ever want to imagine...
Join me in praying for our lost
Brothers and sisters who are blinded
And walking in the darkness.
God is not busy
God is not dead
God is all loving
And God loves us all.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Friday, April 14, 2017

Don't Divide, Multiply!

Why must there be division
In the house of God
Instead of multiplication?
The world divides itself
Each and everyday...
If God loved us all the same
When He sacrificed His only son
On the cross for all our sins
Why do we divide
Instead of multiplying ourselves
In His Holy sacraments and
In His word...
The world stands back
And watches us
Who claim to follow
The path God so made
And stays away
As division occurs
Because of this and that
When they could be joining us
To be flowing as one
Within the body of Yeshua.
Your are wrong
I am right
They are wrong
They are right
Blah... blah... blah...
Get that right!
Let us pray against division
And pray for multiplication.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Thursday, April 13, 2017


I recall how many gifts my father and mother would give me as a child... oh, the toys I so desired... and many more I didn't... nevertheless, I was so happy... so thankful... and months later no one knew anything about the toy... the excitement... the thrill was over.
Then came my turn with my two princesses... Christmas was filled with gifts for them under the tree; oh the excitement on their face causing me as their dad to be filled with cheer... later seeing the gifts on the floor, broken and neglected.
We do the same with Yahweh, Yeshua and the Holy Spirit... the gifts they give are beyond words... life changing... bringing salvation... deliverance... healing... hope... trust... love... new life more abundantly... we are like children... cheerful... thankful and proud; and months later, some of us squander our gifts from the most Holy Trinity, along with the many gifts of prayers and care from our most blessed Mother Mary and all the saints.
We are God's children indeed, yet not children to the point where we neglect the gifts from Yahweh.. but many tend to behave like many children that don't understand the sacrifice their parents made to purchase such gifts for them.
God paid a gigantic price for the gifts He has given us and has for us... let us understand this and not squander or show such disrespect to Him in thus manner. Cherish them and teach others with not so much the words, but with your life... as Yeshua taught us with His. Our God makes us richer than any billionaire on earth. Let us not confuse Gods riches with the world's riches... Gods riches are forevermore... while the worlds riches eventually perish.

God guide us... enlighten us and bless us all.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Is not
All the times
It's not a matter of how,
Yet, a matter of when...
Truths be told,
The fantasies be gone...
There is life after death,
It has been proven
The numb
Can be made whole,
The the whole
Can be sliced,
Divided and buried...
We can dream
About tomorrow
Waking up
to a harsh reality...
What is,
May not,
What was,
Will not...
Regardless of
Regardless in point.
But all that is left
Is what was begun
Before the you,
Before the I...
We can run,
We can hide,
But the fact is fact
And the lie is lie...
So some step
One step back,
While others take
One step forward...
Your truth is lie
His truth is forever.
And reading from,
One can see:

Proverbs 3:5-6
Have confidence in the Lord with all thy heart, and lean not upon thy own prudence. In all thy ways think on him, and he will direct thy steps.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Obey the Truth Given

It is so easy to
Stay addicted
To lust
To lie
To cheat
To give into
What the flesh
So desires...
But it takes
A real man,
A real woman,
One with true courage...
To cry out to God
To live as He commanded
And live the truth
He left for us
That leads us home...
To Him...
Noah could've said it was too hard,
Being ridiculed for building the ark,
But he stayed obedient.
Job... could have given up
But stayed obedient.
Abraham could've said that he could not give his only son up to God
When God called him to sacrifice
Him... but he stayed obedient...
And God kept his son safe.
Imagine a world without obedience
To the God that loves us so much...
Imagine how we are...
When our own children
Rebel against us
When we ask them to listen to us
In doing chores and other things
That we know is good discipline
For their own maturity...
And in this sane way
God tells us...
And we foolishly rebel...
Why must we be so foolish?
Imagine if Yeshua, Christ Jesus
Would have said no
To dying on the cross...
But He did...
And now we have the gifts
God so truly gives
Through Yeshuas sacrifice
And by the Holy Spirit.

Let us let go of all our disobedience
And let us live as so many before
Us did... especially as Yeshua...
Pick up your cross daily
And move forward in obedience
While dying to the flesh.

Only good comes from obedience
Unto God.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Imagine, It Is

Peaceful images...
No faces...
No races...
White as snow!
Pure goodness
Joyous lights
Streets of gold
Shimmers reflections
Scents so fresh
Limitless life
Forever in glory
Giving way...
So please don't stay
Away from His promises
Lift up His name
While He lifts you on up
Higher than the skies
Filled with fluffy like
  cotton shaped clouds
Touched by His love...
How wonderful His eyes
Upon us all...
How merciful is His essence
Into our lives...
How endless is His love
So pure for our wellness...
Never lose sight...
Never give up...
He never does so
With us.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Relationships are sometimes tricky
What seems to be
Is not always as is...
Holding hands in public
May not be out of love
But perhaps, more out of control...
Smiles may seem chipper
But dying sounds of cries
Echo within their inner being...
Not one relationship I have seen
Has ever been 100% compatible...
For none were born alike...
But share similarities;
Yet the ones I have seen reach
An extended amount of maturity...
Are those who give each other
Mutual respect and care for one another...
But I realize too when asking
Some of these long relationships
In which I have witnessed;
Their key element is God...
As in anything in this life...
God being the center
Brings everlasting joy, love & life.
Glory be to God for His loving touch
Upon all who have breath...
Let us pray for all those
Who are having challenges in their marital relationships...
Relationships with family...
Relationships with friends..
And any work relationships...
That communication, respect and trust
Will be healthy and uplifting...
Let us all love God
In His way within our life...
I feel that if anyone has a healthy
Relationship with God, Yeshua, the Holy Spirit and our blessed Mother,
Then the individual can have a healthy
Relationship with anyone else.
May God be in the center of all we do
And all we are... Amen.

Blessed be God.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April 5th, 2015

There is so little
We can control...
We waste our time
Trying to control
Way to much
And neglect to control
That which we truly can:
Our anger...
Our words...
Our income...
Our emotions...
Our behaviors...
Our walk with God...
Our testimony...
Some perhaps our harder
Than others...
But when Yeshua was
Placed upon His head a crown
Of thorns...
Being mocked, ridiculed,
Spit on, beat, whipped, tortured...
Made to carry His cross...
Nailed upon the cross
And even then continued mockery...
He never cursed... put anyone down...
Called fire from heaven...
Lost His temper...
He even asked God to forgive us...
Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!!
And we today
still have the audacity
To complain and pout
Shame on us...
Let us be thankful
Let us give praise...
For He did walk upon this earth...
He did perform miracles
And teach us how to live...
He did show the love
of our Father God...
He did die for us
To be free from the bondage of sin
And have a ticket to heaven...
He did conquer death and hell...
He did rise again!!!
He is knocking
At the door of your heart...
And with all this
If we repent
And accept Him...
He takes full control
And we really need not worry
About much...
But pray... serve God... live clean... take care of the gifts
of the sacraments
and the gifts of the Holy Spirit...
Follow the commandments...
Love one another... above all,
Love God with all out hearts...
But so many choose not to...
And lose eternity with one choice.

Let us control nothing
That God has full control of...
We must live day to day
But with God as our center
There is no need to worry...
But live freely
Through Yeshuas love
Our blessed Mother's embrace
And the Holy Spirits guidance.

Be blessed everyone
And Happy Resurrection Day!

¡Viva Cristo Rey!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Little Girl?

“Little Girl?”
Looks as if she is
my youngest daughters age
holding her face together
with both her fragile hands
sitting on the stairs
while some walk up
and other walk down
luggage below her feet
“are those you parents there
Playing their hearts away
With instruments and song?”
wages for some food perhaps
your eyes look weary
did you not sleep
what happened?
Your parents play and sing well
Look around and listen
Little girl, do you speak?
Or do you choose
To rub away the sorrow
That is expressed with each facial sigh
I cannot say what is
For I have never sat
Upon the stairs
As people go up
And others go down
But there is no sense of frowning
Regardless of the disposition
Give some recognition
And understand that you can
And hope will rise to new situations
“Easier said than done?”
I know, I know
That is what I said
When I felt it was all said and done
But hope sprung
When least expected
Can’t say it is all perfect
But little girl
Know this and this alone
Our Father in heaven
Sees all and cares for all
Just stand up and give Him recognition

By Mark David Grijalva Peres

You are... You will be.

The mountains rose
So will you
The seas roar
So will your soul
The sun is bright
So is your mind
The moon shines
Alike your precious essence
A light guides
As it will lead
You to the place
One is meant to be in
So hasten not
Nor walk with sloth
But embrace yourself
For the ride is never ending
As is this grand universe
That our Father in heaven created
Be at your best
Never giving up to a test
And act upon it
Dropping all traces of fear
You are more than you think
And then some…
Lift your hands up
And roll down and rise up
Excitement… relaxation…
Tears… laughter…
Walk… run…
Over all have fun!
The clock is ticking
So listen,
There is you calling
Jump up and catch it
And begin to live
Never too late
Never too early
But take for granted never
That which you truly are
A blessing to those
And a blessing to me

By Mark David Grijalva Peres

Do things change?

“Some things never change..."
A collection of letters
To make words
Into a catch phrase...
With a negative connotation
Or hopefully in my case...
A positive one...
In regards to how I feel.
I am thankful for Yahweh's
Never ending mercy, grace
And Agape Love...
For it was written:

Hebrews 13:8

Jesus Christ, yesterday, and to day; and the same for ever.

Although, if we are living for Yahweh, through Yeshuas life, death and resurrection, in the name of their
Holy Spirit... and our Blessed Mother's
Nurturing care, love and intercessions, then:

2 Corinthians 5:17

If then any be in Christ a new creature, the old things are passed away, behold all things are made new.

And change from our bitterness, resentment, addictions, idolatry, false religious practices and anything contrary from God's Holy Commandments must change...
We must be as He said...
And never again change...
As in any change,
There comes training, practice,discipline, obedience, humbleness, forgiveness, repentance and acceptance.
Nothing to do with change
Ever comes easily...
Diets being a hard one...
But if followed...
Oh, the rewards are grand.
Such is the spiritual diet
In changing sin for holiness.
The key thing is for
The transformation to take place,
Is realizing that the battle against sin
Was won through the life, death
And resurrection of Yeshua!
Wow! And all we have to do
Is ask Yahweh to forgive us,
Repent of our sinful ways
And accept His will for our life,
Being filled by the Holy Spirit
And letting Yeshua lead our way.
He never changed
He loves us, as when he walked
Upon the earth we walk on;
He died on earth for us...
and was risen unto the heavens
“Some things will never change..."
Glory be to God for this promise
And may He empower us
To change that which we must
So that one day
We will live with Him forevermore.
And perfect... oh, not one of us is:

John 8:7

When therefore they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said to them: He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

So let's move forward in Yeshuas
Holy, precious name
And reach His paradise:

John 14:3

And if I shall go, and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and will take you to myself; that where I am, you also may be.

So let us change what we must.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Fine Line

There is a fine line
Between yesterday
And between today...
Just as Christ Jesus
Did knock at the door of your heart,
The devil is waiting for you
To leave a door cracked
To rush into your heart
To rush into your mind
And poison your soul...
Christ Jesus does not push
His live into your life...
But the devil is a thief
Waiting to break into your life
And steal your joy
Steal your gifts
Steal your future
That God so designed for you.
Today is another day
And if you left the door cracked
And the devil is causing chaos,
Kick him out with the Holy Spirit
Through prayer and fasting
Wash away your soul
With the blood of Jesus Christ
Let Jesus be your friend and king,
Center God first above all
And no doors cracked open
To the devil
Who will lie, kill, and destroy us all.
The devil knows God's potential
In your life and will not stop
Until you are burning in his hell.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Who will you follow

We give the devil too much credit, he is adamantly whispering in our ears, things that will destroy us, but seem satisfying to the flesh... but we have to be the ones who listen, the ones who rebel against the Holy Spirit who tells us not too, the ones who take initiative to the whispering lies. The devil is definitely not going to stop until you fall and then he will beat you with condemnation. But remember this and this alone, when our Savior Yeshua was put on the cross by our sins, in pain, bleeding to death, and still being made fun of, He told God to forgive you, them and me, for we did not know what we were doing. The devil will lie to us, but the truth be told, will we listen to the lies he throws at us daily or will we listen to the Holy Spirit, gifted to us by Yeshua upon ascending to heaven, because God loves us more than we love our own selves? We are in a spiritual warfare that has been conquered through Yeshuas death and resurrection, but the lies of the devil will continue until the return of our King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Yeshua... Our Shepherd.
Mark David Grijalva Peres

Sunday, March 19, 2017

He knows us

The world might not know who are
But God knows us...
Each and every single hair
That grows upon us...
We might not have high status
But in heaven,
The angels and saints
Are praying for us all
To reach their high status...
We might not have luxury
Here on earth,
But in heaven
I have read the roads
Are paved with Gold,
Alike the cities... according to Revelations...
And we might feel sad at times
But we really have no excuse to
For Yeshua did leave earth
To prepare a place in the heavens for us
Leaving us His Holy Spirit
To tap into the heavens through prayer...
So yes we live in this world,
But we are passing through
We are gifted with gifts from God
While we patiently wait for our turn
When the trumpets will play
And the worship service begins
Together we will join
The angels and saints...
Until then, let us practice in the Mass,
Let us praise and worship Him,
Let us read His word
And pray faithfully unto Him alone.

May we all be ready,
May we all be blessed.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Born to Die... But Live In between.

When Yeshua asked in prayer
If this cup could be passed...
He knew what the answer was,
And still obeyed...
He did not fuss or pout,
He did sweat blood tho...
So why do we get so twisted,
When we pray
And things don't go our way?
Think about the life of Yeshua..
Our Savior, born to die.
Yes, both you and I
Are born to die as well,
Between those two points,
We are to live...
Knowing what was promised
From the first breath
Breathed into our lungs...
There is no reason
For us to live in misery...
There is no reason
For us to envy...
There is no reason
For us to sin...
For sin is where
We lose His promise,
We lose His mercy,
We lose His grace...
So stop it now
And repent from our ways
Show Him you can
And He will fulfill
His promises now
And those to come
Within you and around you.

Glory be to God.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Who Me?

The mind is so powerful,  it can take you places you never wanted to go and leave you there,  never letting you come back,  while living in the present.  As if you are trapped,  imprisoned without chains or bars, moving freely,  but going no where.  It can make you sick even your body is healthy.  In can remind you of a past you never lived and make you believe it's all your fault.  The mind can destroy your dreams,  if you choose to believe the seeds implanted by whomever or whatever,  growing weeds,  sucking up your life,  while you smile each day,  wishing everyone a good morning.   Beware of the mind,  allow your heart to spread love upon it.  Don't get lost on never land or wonderland,  live in the land God gave you to live  so that one day you will step place in the promised land.  No one deserves to be captive by their own thoughts.  This is why God allowed His son to die a victim death for you,  them and I.  By His sons blood shed,  death and then our resurrection...  Captivity of the mind is just a thought,  we are free...  But beware of the snare of the enemy,  he is stealthy and will lead you astray from the truth God created you to live.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Letting Go

Sooner or later
Without your regards
It will destroy you
It will claw your every gut
Out from your existence
You may not believe it
But it is true...
It will destroy you
From the inside out
Because that us where
It has been stored...
Those feeling of hurt
Those feelings of resentment
The bitterness builds
Decaying the good
As it constructs negative
Sites without delight...
You can fight it
But it will win
For it feeds on rage
So many people
Seek the answers
To resolve the issue
But it can only be released
When you open up
The front door of your heart
And windows of the mind
Say good-bye and let it go...
God knows we all have harbored
Feelings like this from time to time...
Against our loved ones
Against our friends
Against our political officials
Against our clergy leaders
Against out spouses
Against our parents
Against our own selves...
For not understanding who we are
For not respecting our views
For not allowing us to thrive
For wishing upon a falling star...
No one is perfect
No one is exempt
The only freedom found
From pain, hurt, resentment, and bitterness
Is through the Heart of Christ Jesus
He will exchange it all
For joyous things
And wash you clean...
But first you must
Open up the front door of your heart
And windows of your mind
And allow it all to leave
While Christ Jesus love from God
Flushes in.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Monday, February 20, 2017

We All Have One

We all have one...
Some more than one.
Sometimes we are better off
Not exercising it...
Because when we stop
To think about it...
It will hurt others
Including ones own self...
But some of us blurt it out
Scream it from out our lungs
Because we feel entitled...
Regardless of what another may feel...
What we think is irrelevant...
What about what we feel...
What about what another feels...
The innocent bystanders...
Our opinions can be like a drive by shooting
Rat-tat-tat-tat...that's just the way it is.. (Tupac)
How careless we can be with each letter
That turns into words... and into sentences...
Creating our phrases,  opinions,  and sayings...
They have the power to kill,  to bash,  to heal,  to care for,  to love,  to change our neighbor, our neighborhood,  our town,  our city,  our state,  our country,  our nation,  our continent,  our world...
Words formed into opinions can make someone's day or destroy someone's life...
Cause peace or start wars...
And in this I believe,
None of us are perfect...
If this is something we can believe
Then be the first to forgive...
Put down the stone from out thy mouth
And send love instead of hate...
Love changes hearts...
Love changes roads...
Love changes lives...
Love can change the way we communicate...
Love can make opinions facts...

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting.

Galatians 2:20
And I live, now not I; but Christ liveth in me. And that I live now in the flesh: I live in the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and delivered himself for me.

1 John 4:10
In this is charity: not as though we had loved God, but because he hath first loved us, and sent his Son to be a propitiation for our sins.

If we can not love with our hearts...
Let us love with the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ...
He could have blasted them
When they persecuted,  beat,  whipped,  tortured Him.
He could have destroyed the cross with a snap
Of His fingers, 
Instead He carried it to His death...
He must have humanly had opinions
Upon opinions about the pain He endured...
Instead He remained humble and chose
To love us so much that He said:

And Jesus said: Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. But they, dividing his garments, cast lots.                     Luke 23:34

What a man,  what a human being,  what a child of God...  Jesus Christ was,  is,  and will always be... Before we think...  Pray...  Before you speak,  pray...  Before we send out messages...  Let us ask God if this is something He would approve of...  And before we judge another...  Let us remember this fact:

John 8:7
When therefore they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said to them: He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

Blessed be God...  Praise be to You Lord Jesus Christ...  Come Holy Spirit...  Ave Maria...  And all the Saints say: Amen.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Monday, February 13, 2017

Let God's Love Rule

Preparing for a day
Which we give a heart
Filled with candy
And cards of cheer
Maybe even roses
And glasses filled
With red wine
As some dine
Exchanging love
Through several expressions...
Confusing what?
What with where?
Where with when?
When with who?
And who with why?
I don't know!
Because we don't know
Or is it we do what we are taught...
Love is love?
Love comes from above
Love is dying for what you believe in
As did St. Valentine
On this day so far back in history...
But before then...
Was a man in the flesh
But within Him
A love that shined wherever He went
And this love spread worldwide
Upon a cross for us all...
Which with His blood
That dripped from off His body
Shed light,  shed mercy,  shed grace, 
Shed love for all life...
And through His death
And then His resurrection...
The greatest love story ever...
Gave us all a way to reach the gates
Of which all our souls do desire...
To eternally live in heaven...
Until that given day...
The greatest of all love
Keeps us safe,  keeps us alive,  and
Keeps us connected to our Father,
Our Father,  who arts in heaven...
Happy Valentine's Day to each of you,
Remembering St.  Valentine...
But above all accepting,  living,  and loving
This eternal love given to us
Through Yeshua,  from God.

Mark David Grijalva Peres
Copyright©️✝️MDGP 2017.2.13

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Sitting here alone
Eating dinner
With an uncomfortable toothache,
To lose attention on the pain
I pray with every bite
Shifting the food
To the side of my mouth
That is not aching...
And focusing on the crowd...
Some eating alone,  like me...
Some eating as a couple,
With eyes of love...
Some eating with friends
As they speak about their
Current daily affairs...
Some are with their families
Enjoying the time...
Mom with kids alone
Others Dad, mom, and kids...
Either way...  I analyze myself...
I have been in each scenario...
Alone,  as I am now
With a good friend
With my kids alone
With my significant other
And with the family...
In each scenario
I have been blessed with life
Regardless of the time:
Infant,  toddler,  adolescent,  teen, 
Young adult,  parent,  friend,  husband, 
Alone...  As I am now...
Or am I truly alone...
If I can still feel her hand grasping mine
My children's laughter
Or my friends conversation
As if it were yesterday...
God has blessed me with life
In each scenario,  I have been blessed...
Nothing more and nothing less
But the gracefulness of God...
I wonder if these brothers and sisters
Around me eating right now
Realize how blessed they are...
To have a friend,  to be a child,  to be parent,
To be a significant other,  or alone
With the thoughts of thankfulness
To be blessed with life...
Everyday we are faced with challenges...
Everyday we grow one day ahead...
Everyday we are blessed with life.
Thank You God... 
I acknowledge Your grace
And offer up this discomforting pain
For You alone to heal.  Amen.
Do you acknowledge God on
How truly blessed you are?

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

She came to me...

The night meets me
With its lonely whispers
Reminding me
That I am all alone
The things of past
They sometimes haunt me
Within the rooms and chambers
Of both my heart and mind...
I close my eyes praying and
My Blessed Mother Mary sends her roses
Soothing my tired and ailing body
As she reminds me of her Sons loneliness
While carrying His cross to His death...
Alone He walked the trail
On which blood dripped
From off His crown of thorns
And tortured flesh...
Nail after nail which punctured his hands and feet
He felt alone,  holding our hope
For a better tomorrow
With each breath He took...
She saw Him through it all
Feeling hopeless and filled with sorrow...
Alone He carried our sins
Down to the flames of hell
To rise again anew
Giving us a chance
To start fresh...
She caressed my head
And assured me that my loneliness
Is nothing more than my senses
Crying out for His touch
Upon the mind and heart...
She reminded me to pray the Rosary
And kissed my head good-bye...
My eyes opened... 
I had fallen asleep...
Was my lonely night
Met by my Blessed Mother Mary
Through a dream...
Either or...
Thank you...
Blessed be God...
I am never alone.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Copyright©️✝️MDGP 2017.2.7

Sunday, February 5, 2017

We all fall short...

Sin is sin! whether you you are Jewish,  Catholic,  Protestant,  Mormon,  Jehovah's Witness, etc.  God forgives us all,  if we ask Him to.  I grow weary of people using religious titles/sects/choices to segregate people...  "Oh, those Jews... Oh,  those Catholics... Oh,  those Born Agains... Oh,  those Muslims and Oh,  those so and so's..."

Romans 3:20-26

20 Because by the works of the law no flesh shall be justified before him. For by the law is the knowledge of sin.
21 But now without the law the justice of God is made manifest, being witnessed by the law and the prophets.
22 Even the justice of God, by faith of Jesus Christ, unto all and upon all them that believe in him: for there is no distinction:
23 For all have sinned, and do need the glory of God.
24 Being justified freely by his grace, through the redemption, that is in Christ Jesus,
25 Whom God hath proposed to be a propitiation, through faith in his blood, to the shewing of his justice, for the remission of former sins,
26 Through the forbearance of God, for the shewing of his justice in this time; that he himself may be just, and the justifier of him, who is of the faith of Jesus Christ.

Sin is sin...  We are all born sinners.  It is by the grace of God we are saved from this sin.  Let us remember this before we become spiritually racist...  Let us see one another as God sees us,  as His children through the birth, the life,  the death, and the resurrection of His Son,  our King of Kings,  Yeshua. If I sin as a Catholic,  I cannot think I am better than a Protestant, a Muslim, a Jew,  or any other religious individual. It is through the blood shed on the cross where Yeshua was crucified, that we are all forgiven... for Catholics,  Muslims,  Protestants,  Jews,  Mormons,  etc. He died for us all.  We are all connected by Yeshua's death and ressurection. 

Let us pray,  think before we express,  and be humble above all.

God bless us all and guide us all.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ave Maria

At such an early age
You heard your calling
From the most high
While others squandered their time
And so many still do…
You began your journey
Not knowing exactly the steps
But through blind faith
You accepted this powerful path
So young, your body began to change
While a man you never met
Filled with what many men
Tend to do from time to time
Question and doubt;
You accepted and obeyed,
Marrying this man
Who was placed there to protect, guide and care
As the gift for us all grew within you
Life was happening all around you
And so many must have questioned
The who, the what, the where, the when and the why?
You did not wander off, but stayed on course
Never denying the truth that was presented to you…
When the time came, there was nowhere to deliver
The stress of a mother, from place to place,
But even then, your faith stood strong,
Alongside the man placed to guide your family…
Leading to the most humblest place imaginable
Hope, salvation and healing for humanity was birthed;
To rush away in order not to
Let the greatest of all miracles
Fall into the hands of the enemy…
Watching time go by
You trusted with great faith;
Alone, as the man once by your side
Left and a single mother you became…
Raising the child, like so many today…
You know the feelings so many single mothers face today…
So on you went with the love for the most high
And the love for your son, nurturing and building Him up
like any other mothers love for their child would…
Knowing what was to be
You trusted and never left course
As many others might have,
Escaping the fate, not so likeable…
When the time came
You had to let Him go about His Father’s business,
But not before showing us even greater
What a true Christian is…
You did not claim to be the mother of …
Or the true bride of the…
But told the men to do as he said,
Not what you said…
You never asked to be acknowledged
For you show what true faith & obedience is…
You show what true discipline and humbleness is…
How proud of your son…
To hear him coming out of the wilderness
Uncompromised and unharmed…
To hearing of the great works
And confrontations against the enemy
Leaving a victorious outcome…
Yet in the back of your mind,
Knowing what was to come,
And all you could do is intercede in prayers
As my very own mother has to this day
For her four children and grandchildren
And those she calls family and friends
Neither does my mother take glory,
But gives glory to God;
Just as you did, do and always will.
You nurtured Him within your womb
Held him so tight in your embrace
Taught him as a mother does…
Watched him grow;
Watched him move on to his path;
And walked towards Him through His passion…
With nothing within your grasp to do, nothing could stop His destiny…
Watching Him be ridiculed, mocked, whipped, beat until his crucifixion;
The horror, terror of seeing blood dripping from off his face and body
When you once tended to his every need,
Nothing could be done, even though as any mother would
Try and stop this torment for their son…
You keep your faith and obedience
For you knew your son was born to die…
There he hung, dying with every breath
And you wept the tears of a mother
But with each tear, you interceded with prayer
As when the nails went through his flesh
They too went through your flesh
And your cries of justice for your son
Were handed in faith to the most high…
As they took him down, lifeless from the cross
The human pain, you felt of seeing your son dead…
I can imagine the thoughts as you held him close to your heart,
Once there was life and they cheered him,
To kill him and left alone within your arms and the few next to you…
The days there after, what were you thinking?
In mourning, but in prayer…
Asking for the most highs will to be done.
And on the third day He rose…
What joy must have rushed through your heart…
After all you had been through as a human being, a mother, a wife…
The losing of and feelings of loss
The will you so were faithful to,
obedient to, and trusted in… paid off.
For your tears of a mother and prayers of a mother
Interceded for our Savior, our King,
our Hope, our Healing and Salvation…
Oh, sweet blessed Mother Mary…
In all this, you never did or have asked for us to worship you…
But through this you led us to your Son…
And you continue leading
so many lost children to our Shepherd.
Your humbleness,
your obedience, your faith and trust in and toward Yahweh
Is the example of what a true Christian is to be…
I do not worship you,
but I do admire you, I do respect you, I acknowledge your faith
and I ask that you intercede for me and my family
As my own mother has and does,
That we may reach heaven one day
But as I walk here on earth,
Let me have the heart of King David’s love for God,
Let me have your willing heart to serve our God,
And lead me to your son, Yeshua…
That his pierced hands touch my life
And teach me to completely forgive and be forgiven…
To heal and be saved from all that is of the liar.
Blessed be Yahweh… Blessed be Yeshua… Blessed be the Holy Spirit…
And blessed be your faithful, loving and caring heart for all the children
Of the most high, in which I know right now,
even with those lost children
Who once believed in your intercession for our prayers,
but rebelled and live without the true truth,
you love us all the same,
as a mother loves her children here on earth.
I have felt your loving embrace through the prayer
Gifted to us in the most Holy Rosary
And can witness to your interceding of my prayers.
One last thing oh, sweet Blessed Mother,
I love you

Written on 2.1.2015

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Copyright ©️2015MDGP✝️