Saturday, January 28, 2017


Oh, the pain...
Pain afflicted...
Pain inflicted...
The words we choose...
The actions we take...
It doesn't begin to cover it...
Some carry the pain to their graves...
Some impose it on others...
Some refuse to burden themselves
And release it into infinity...
The pain we cause...
The pain caused upon us...
Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!
Parents,  children,  family,  friends, 
Preachers,  teachers,  partners, 
Married couples... them,  you,  & me...
Oh,  the pain,  followed by shame...
Respect me,  respect you...
Hello,  good-bye...
Slap or kiss...
Till death do us us part!
That pain,  does not need to stain...
Yeshua, gave His life for the pain
Of those before us,  those of today,
And those coming tomorrow.
Oh,  pain...  What pain?
We have caused it...
We have been pained by others...
Give it to God...  Leave it at the cross...
And choose to live pain free...
Today and forevermore.

Mark David Grijalva Peres


I Am Not Me

I am not me
If I can not be me
Within the world
I walk upon...
But what if
The you
You thought to be
Is not the you
But the you
They made you believe...
I cannot say...
But live today
Seeking in God
Who He wants me to be...
Yesterdays thoughts
I cannot see
But in prayer and devotion
I am seeing more and more
What God wants me to be...
The world I live in
Has taught me this...
What I was
Is not who I was meant to be
And what God has for me
Is all I want to be.

Mark Grijalva Peres

Written on 1.28.15


Friday, January 27, 2017

Stagnant Times

How many of us have ever felt stagnant? It is as if nothing is happening and the world has left us behind. Your family and friends are progressing, heck, even turtles are moving faster than us... and many times we just sit, lay, and pout. I tend to wonder if we have been paused to get our gears straight, reach the throne of God through prayer, recollect our thoughts, and press the gas forward. I am a string believer that things happen fir a reason... even when we are feeling stagnant... take it as an opportunity to get even closer to God. Don't pout! Ever see children pouting in s store because their parent won't buy them a toy? I imagine that is how God sees us when we pout. He gives us the things we truly need, but we pout over the things we truly don't need. Like our parent, they provide for us, the things we truly need, but pout over a toy we truly do not need. God is so good in the times things are moving smoothly and in the times they just might feel like things are stagnant. In both, take the time to pray, praise, and be thankful. Our greatest example of prayer through hard times when but a second or two can seem stagnant for days can be read in Luke 22:39-43. Yeshua prayed through the end of His last days on earth being in the flesh. We can overcome anything through Yeshua. Pray my brothers and sisters... and when you are done praying... pray some more. Visit Yeshua at the Eucharist... let Him be your Shepherd through the good times and the challenging times. God loves us in each moment of our life. Amen

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Monday, January 23, 2017

Can you throw the first stone?

Do we know what is within? Truly? That you can tell one sinner from another, sin is sin... it separates us from the grace of God. I read once:

"Don't judge me because you sin differently than me."

Well, we cannot change another person by throwing stones, at least that is what my Shepherd once showed me by questioning  away the crowd that was ready to stone to death the adulterous woman. We are so quick to throw stones and not look at our own selves. We cannot justify another's sin... neither our own. Through Yeshua's birth, life, death, and resurrection... we are saved from the flames of hell that our sins lead us to. Reading Matthew 23 made me think on how much hypocrisy still lives on our hearts. Jesus said to love one another... I read so many posts and articles of hate against our Pope... our President... leaders... etc... where is the love Yeshua spoke of... that same love that the apostles died for... and so many throughout history... I don't think they were dying in the name of Vatican I or Vatican II... it was in the name of Yeshua, our Saviour, our King, our groom... we fret over A, B, C... instead of living our life as best as we can as He did... loving and living God's will. It gets frustrating that we have the ISIS group murdering our brothers and sisters out there, while many of us here on this side murder our brothers and sisters with our mouths, posts, and denial of Yeshua's command from our Father God... love one another. God forgive me for judging others, while I struggle with the sins within my heart and mind. We can go to Mass or church lifting up our hands with holy wardrobes, but how are our hearts and minds... Remember the devil himself attends church to... lifting up his hands too... waiting for the low of heart to enter and continue causing division in the body of Yeshua.

Wake up Catholic Christians... we are truly living in the last days...

2 Timothy 3:1-5

1 Know also this, that, in the last days, shall come dangerous times.
2 Men shall be lovers of themselves, covetous, haughty, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, wicked,
3 Without affection, without peace, slanderers, incontinent, unmerciful, without kindness,
4 Traitors, stubborn, puffed up, and lovers of pleasures more than of God:
5 Having an appearance indeed of godliness, but denying the power thereof. Now these avoid.

The light is to lead us away from the darkness... what side will you continue walking upon?

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Repeat As Many Times As Needed


God has got this...
God has got this...
God has got this...
God has got this...
God has got this...
God has got this...
God has got this...

Take a breath in
And let it out...


God has got this...
God has got this...
God has got this...
God has got this...
God has got this...
God has got this...
God has got this...

Take a breath in
And let it out...

Be thankful
And repeat
As many times
As needed.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Saturday, January 14, 2017

God is not a debate

God... who is God? Surely He is not a subject from a text book to be debated... He is not someone you stand against as candidates do on presidential races... God is God... He created the Heavens, the planets, the Earth we reside on, the creatures of the land, the air we breathe, the waters we drink while it refreshed us, our minds that think, the heart that pumps blood within us, the movements our bodies take, the love we share amongst our world... He created you, our families, our children, our loved ones, our friends, our enemies, our neighbors, them and me... God is not a debatable subject... He is our everything... He gave us Yeshua... so we would no longer die in our sins and be bound to hell...

Yeshua, You are my King, our King... You are our Saviour, You came, You saw, and You conquered. You went to hell and back for them, us and me. You reign forevermore... Your Father, My Father, is not to be debated... Be Our Shepherd... be our guide... help us see You for whom You are. And thank You for leaving us Your Holy Spirit...

Holy Spirit... you are so sweet... you are our gift... fill us with God's grace, mercy, strength, wisdom, love and life. Thank you for being within us... help us to be closer to God through Yeshua...

My precious Blessed Mother Mary...  embrace your children... we are fighting over things like stubborn children would... we are debating our Holy Father like rebellious teens... embrace those challenged souls and help us become more like the One whom you birthed for our  salvation... you were obedient, you were the first Christian to follow your Son, our Saviour. You saw Him birth into our world, grow up, follow God's will for His life, minister to us all, die a bloody death, rise again and now you are with Him... praying for us all. Pray for us blessed Mother Mary...

We were created to live in His love...  God gave us life, not strife. Praise Him, worship Him, Love Him, and Follow Him through His Son's life, example and guidance. Allow the Holy Spirit to fill your life with God's grace.

Father, I know you love me... You created me... You gifted me with breath... help me never to doubt You, but praise and worship You with every day of my life.


Just a burst in thought

Got a question?
God has your answer...
Got a problem?
God has the solution...
Got needs?
God can meet them...
Got the blues?
God can change dem lyrics
to worship and praise...
Never take God for granted
He doesn't take you for granted.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Easy Come, Easy Go...

Corruption results in negative outcomes... look around! Refrain from corruption... it has an easy entry but an awful exit. Love God with all your heart and love one another, don't just hear this, listen... live corruption free. Live free within God's will for your life. I pray for those lost in the lies of drug dealing, money laundering, sex slavery, child pornography, killing, greed, envy, vanity, slander... evil exist! It is knocking at your front door... don't answer it... it sounds good and enticing. Trust God instead and God will give you all you need.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Friday, January 13, 2017

Good Night Thought Too

Everyday I rise
To lay back down at night
To rise again
One day I will not rise...
The music will continue playing,
While others rise
To lay back down at night.
We live each day
Thinking nothing changes
But it does,
It does change...
Life comes and then it goes.
Cherish your own life
It is a gift from God...
Don't waste your gift
On worry or strife
Drugs or alcohol
Sadness or drought...
Love, love, and love.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

When things are low...

When things are low
And the storms are violently raging
There is no need to fear
For if you silence your mind
You will hear God's voice
Through the thunder and rain
Saying to you...
He is there through it all...
As our Saviour Jesus Christ leads us
To safe lands to dry us off...
While the Holy Spirit fills us with peace,
And our Blessed Mother Mary embraces us.
We are covered by the greatest family ever...
For when we say yes to God
We say yes to life, joining them
And we have nothing to lose,
But gain all that is glorious unto God.
We may tremble at times
We may fret at times
We may want to run and hide...
Remember always that He knows
Our weakness and gives us strength...
Strength to stand against
the strongest winds
And umbrellas us through our prayers.
Never give up on life
God never gives up on us.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Monday, January 9, 2017

Nothing More...

There is nothing more
Than life itself
To cherish and to hold
Within the hands of God
Today we can see the light
Tomorrow we may see the darkness
And in each there is God's positivity...
For in the light there is darkness
And in the darkness there is light
And through it all
Is God... holding your hand
If you will place them
Within His grace...
He will give you reasons to smile
And lift you from your self demise...
He will never lie to your heart
And will bless your mind...
There is nothing more
Than life itself
When your life is centered
In His loving grace...
Blessed be God
Praise be to You, Lord Jesus Christ.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Who? You? Me? Them? No... us!

Where is the balance?
Christ Jesus is our balance
We have to weigh our cross daily...
No one can tell you how
But Christ Jesus showed us
Through His faith in God...
From His beginning
To His so called end
To His everlasting life...
We can see that today
Is truly liveable
Regardless of our challenges
Regardless of our misfortune
No one knows deceit more
Than Christ Jesus himself
Left to die a vicious death
At the hands of our very own sin...
Daily we crucify Him
By not being obedient
And then we question God
As to why there is so much chaos...
We blame our neighbor
Instead of loving them...
We shame our own
Because we hypocritically walk
The line we have drawn upon the ground
Ignoring the one Christ Jesus
Left for us to follow...
Where is the balance?
Are we even carrying our cross?
If we did we wouldn't have the need
To ask where the balance is.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Good Night Thought

Looking into the eyes of tomorrow
Can sometimes cause a man sorrow
But when seen through the eyes
Focusing on God
Nothing else matters
For nothing can stop
This man from becoming
That which God wants him to become...
Tomorrow is secure in God's hands
Just as today has been
Regardless of yesterday's shortcomings.

Glory be to God.
God bless you.

Good night

Mark David Grijalva Peres

My Blessed Queen

Blessed Mother Mary
I would like to express
As the flowers do
Of all sorts their love
For Spring,
In gratitude,
My hearts embrace
To your caring intercession
Not just once
But since I cannot
Even begin to imagine...
As you did for our King of Kings
From immaculate conception
To His crucifixion and death
And resurrection...
Your hands caressed Him
As they have caressed mine...
Your words comforted Him
As they have blessed my life...
Thank You Father God
For Your perfection
From the beginning
And forevermore


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Remember Always...

Remember always...
Nothing is greater
Than the love of God
That lives within us
Through the Blood of Yeshua
By His Holy Spirit...
Remember always...
He did not bring you
This far to leave you...
Remember always...
Where He has brought
You out of and realize
Where He has kept you out of...
All because He loves you
So very much...
Remember always...
When you feel like giving up
He has so much for you...
Don't give up and keep being faithful
to Him, following His will
For your life...
Remember always...
He gives you what you need
Not always what you want
Because He knows what is best...
All because He loves you...
Remember always...
There is no you
Without Him.

God bless you

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Path of Change

2017 has come and many of us have embraced it with open arms.  We prepared for the day before it by picking our finest clothes, fixing up our hair, and partaking in whatever traditions of our choosing. The festivities have simmered down and now we are faced with the days after and for some attempting to go through with their resolutions of change. I ask myself why should the celebration end? Everyday is anew and we have the celebration gifts to use: breath, freedom, mercy, grace, love and God, through His son, Yeshua, our King of Kings and the Holy Spirit who dwells within those who accept Him. 2017 is another page in our history for us to write or let be written. 

As I stop to think about resolutions for the new year, I ponder the quote I had read before and later on in my life at a time that was challenging, was reiterated by a friend:

Insanity: is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

When I look back at the patterns that I was raised with to live my life, I realize the redundant cycles left me wanting and empty... now within the enrichment of God's Holy Sacraments and path He has created for me, I realize that before doing the same thing over and over again without Him was insane. Now as I repetively do the same thing over and over again through Him, I have found peace, grace and His Agape love.  There is nothing more needed as a New Year Resolution, a New Day Resolution, but God. None of us are perfect, none of us are God... but we are all loved by God in the same way and He is waiting for us to love Him back.

Let 2017 be what God created it for you to be. There is only so much you can do with your own two hands, heart and brain... but making Him your center within life in turn helps you be all He made you to be, as His hands become your hands, His heart becomes your heart, and His thoughts become your thoughts.

Embrace God, embrace love, embrace 2017.

Mark David Grijalva Peres