Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Stumble, Fall, and Rise

Stumbling, fall
Get back up...
Stumbling, fall
Get back up...
Stumbling, fall
Get back up...
Just as our parent/caregiver
Would rush
And pick us up
When we were learning
To walk...
Stumbling, falling
Our parent would pick
Us up and shake off
The dust and dirt...
Just as our parents/caregivers
Redirected our behaviors
As we grew up...
Stumbling, falling...
They lifted us up...
So does our Father who arts
In the Holy Heavens...
As we stumble, fall
Ask for forgiveness
He swipes us up
Shakes us off
And encourages us
To keep walking on the path
He tailored for us...
Don't give up
After stumbling and falling...
The Lord is our Shepherd...
Good bless us all.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Monday, May 29, 2017

A Good Night Thought

Never give up...
Surrender to God
And live the life
You could never imagine...
Put down that joint...
Turn off the porn
Don't even take the last sip
Of that liquid poison...
Pick up your heads
Repent, be delivered, forgiven...
We were made for more
Than that...
We were made to soar
In the heavens God created...
True living... is living for God.
So next time you feel like
Giving up your walk with God
Remember the nails
That were slammed into
Yeshuas hands and feet
And all the blood that was shed
For you, the world and I.
No one is perfect...
But with God in us
We can strive to be more like Yeshua
And allow the Holy Spirit to guide
Us away from vices
And live fruitful lives
Within Gods will
For us each individually
Making the body of Yeshua.

Good night and God bless us all
With his grace, mercy and love.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Sunday, May 28, 2017

We Are Perfect In His Eyes

We crave
What we have
But see it not
Because of doubt
And seek other
Than what has been given,
God made us perfect
Yet we tend to seek perfection
In things that will wither away...
The sun was created perfectly
To rise and give us light
The moon follows it
When it sets
To glow in the sweet darkness
With the delight of twinkling stars,
Perfect, perfect, perfect...
As we admire such beauty and perfection...
Yet, as children of God...
We butcher our thoughts
Intoxicating then with worthless feelings
Comparing the godless
With our thankful hearts
Pushing away the truth
That has led us this far...
God sees our hearts
Not our muscles or fit bodies,
Not our bank accounts or popularity
Not our eloquent speech or educated ways...
He sees our hearts and will use the willing
Heart that loves Him first
Before that which the devil gives
On exchange for our love and dedication
To the one true God
Who created all as it was written...
He sees perfection within
Not from without...
He will give us the desires based
On what He knows is best,
As a father or mother does
For their growing child...
We never stop growing
We never stop learning
We never stop being perfect
In our Father God's eyes.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Friday, May 26, 2017

Don't Own What Is Not Yours

It is not our disease...
It is something we are experiencing,
But do not own...
In life we will experience
So many things...
Some so very pleasant;
While others so very horrific & traumatic
Do not take ownership
Of either one of these,
Instead give them to Yahweh
As an offering...
Be it the pleasant
Or be it traumatic.
But do not own these
For the only thing  that is yours
To claim in this life is what
We were lent to live here on earth
Through the perfection and creation of
Yahweh, our Father... Yeshua, His Son, our Saviour... the Holy Spirit, our strength and guidance... our blessed Mother Mary, who intercedes and covers us, as a mother does...
So the next time we are caught up claiming something...
Give thanks to Yahweh for His grace...
For His mercy...
For His healing power...
For His Agape Love...
Let us take ownership of His glory
Within our bodies,
Within our minds
And within our hearts!
It has never been
And never will be our:
Cancer, diabetes, HIV, AIDS, asthma, cirrhosis, hepatitis, depression, behavioral disorder, traumas, drug addictions, pornography addictions, fears... etc...
Give them to Yahweh
And allow Him to make us
As He created us to be:
Joyous, healthy and praising Him...
If He did so in our creation..
Then all we are, all we experience... must be given to Him and we must praise Him
Through the sunshine days
And through the stormy days as well.
We are His... and as His children...
We must talk to Him through prayer
And love Him with each breath...
God is real and God loves us all...
Brothers and sisters... let us pray
For one another now and always.

Glory be to God forever and ever...
He is the maker of Happily ever after!
If you don't think so...
Look at the life He lived
Through His Son, Yeshua.
Look at it, understand it
And live it.

Mark David Grijalva Peres
Copyright ©️✝️2015MDGP

For a Friend...

I wrote this for my friend
On Facebook after reading
Her lament for the loss of
Her father... as I miss my dad too.
It never is easy losing someone...
Never. I hope she enjoyed this thought
And that it reaches all souls
We have lost in our history
That mean so much to us:

Beautiful soul
You touched our lives
Beautiful soul
May you rest in peace
As we thank you
For the time you shared
With us all
When you walked
Upon this earth...
You are missed
Your words live on
You are loved
As your hugs
Still embrace
This empty space
That was left
The day you moved on.
We are living now
But never the same...
For the day you left
You took a piece
Of our hearts with you
Keep us with you
As we pray for you,
Pray for us.

We praise You Lord
For accepting our loved ones
Into your home
In the heavens
As one day we
Will enter the gates too.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Respectfully Speaking...

Respectfully speaking….
I would… just saying
Regardless of the rest
Or those that detest
For a friendship means
So much more to me
Than that what the other
May go on to feel
I cannot speak for my better half
But I can speak for my own
And will never dethrone
My stance upon who I am
And those that mean so much to me
I will listen to the opinions
I will agree to disagree
Just as you have the right to remain silent
And follow the leader, leader, leader…
But I was made as my own
By the Creator Himself…
Branded with my own mind, heart and soul
To share it, but not be owned
Regardless of society’s norms
I love with passion
But think with reason
There is no treason here
Just true undeniable friendships
And truthful love
To not just you or you
But all… regardless of life’s dispositions
But fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice, shame on me
I was born with two feet…
So I know where I stand
And am thankful for my two hands
To shake and greet those into my life
And wave good bye to those
That is no longer part of my health
In mind, body and spirit
But the love that He puts in me
Will never cease… but increase
With wisdom and grace…
I wish all peace, joy and love
As I walk this life with both eyes
Looking forward and up to the only One
That will never allow me to lose my way
And forgives me, regardless of my errors
God Bless you all
And rest in His mighty ways

By Mark David Grijalva Peres

Monday, May 22, 2017

Offer it Up, Up, Up

What goes up
In the name of our blessed Saviour
Stays up!
As long as we do as our Father
Has commanded of us...
For in order for things to continue
There must be rules,
There must be order...
We see this everywhere we go.
And just as rebellious as Lucifer was...
So that behavior and aggression
Live on in today's world
As it did yesterday...
But as far as tomorrow?
Only our Father knows...
For today could be our last
And into the gates of heaven
We may go marching in...
But there is no knowing
But living in faith
That He, the I am
Will be as He said
He was, is and always will be.
Until then... we must do
That which we were commanded with
And follow the example ship provided
By Yeshua...
And not Lucifer.

May your hearts be open to God
Your minds in prayer and your lives
Sowing the seeds of His love.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I Am Your Brother

I may not think like you
But I am Your brother...
I may not look like you
But I am your brother
I may not talk like you
But I am your brother
I may not act like you
But I am your brother
I may not believe as you do
But I am your brother
You may have other goals than me
But I am your brother
You may disagree with me
But I am your brother
You may not like me
But I am your brother
For when Yeshua died
He did not die only for me
But all of us
And together through His death
And His miraculous resurrection
Through the love of Yahweh
For us all, as our Father...
We are brothers and sisters
Saved by His grace...
Delivered by His power...
Healed by His love...
So put down your armor
Let your mouth rest
Close your eyes
Lift up your arms to heaven
And give thanks and praise
For our God is reaching down
Awaiting your hands to grasp Him
And accept Him in Your heart
As family... as brother/sisterhood...
As His child... let us uplift one another up
Let us be useful for one another
Let us love one another
As Yeshua asked of us to do.

God bless you... you... you...
And us all.

Pray for me, as I am praying for you.
Your brother, son of Our Heavenly Father,

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Friday, May 19, 2017

Let You Words Be Our Words

We each have words to say
We all want to be heard
And understood
Some speak words
That push people away
While others speak words
As our loving Saviour commanded...
Words of love... strength and hope.
We all have a past
Learned words from childhood
And filled with current events...
But if you close your eyes
And let your inner voice be heard
You will hear it crying out
To our Lord... follow along
And choose words of thankfulness...
Choose words of love...
That God Himself put in your soul
Through His Holy Spirit...
Can you hear it?
We were all born
Within His pureness of love
As He breathed life into our souls
With this came the words of life...
But along came sin
And ruined it all over again...
Listen... go back to the Cross
And let your soul be aligned
To hear His voice within you
And truly rid the negative thoughts
That become words
To hurt our Lord within us
And those around us...
As temples of the Lord
We must always
Be mindful of what comes in
And what goes out...
Read Psalm 51...
And let it all begin.
We can spend all the time seeking
Within the words and minds of others
Or open His word
Read and hear
His voice speak to you
And speak through you
The living, healing and loving words
That this hurting world
Truly needs to hear...

Lord help us think before we speak
Lord help us think before we act
Lord help us think of You always
And keep You centered in our lives.

Glory be to You, our Lord.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Truth

The Truth

The truth can hurt,
Burn right through your thoughts…
Giving light to the darkness
And open the eyes of the blind.
Change has never been comfortable
We can see this with every season
That passes year after year
Hot, to cool, to cold, to warm
Allergies, flu’s, colds, dehydration, stress…
But the overall beauty of change
Is like the squirmy worm cocooning
And flourishing into a beautiful butterfly…
Or think of the blossoming of a rose…
Or the amazing feelings of love found
In the arms of that one individual…
Truth can lead to greater places
Before it metamorphizes from
Not so good to excellent.
No one is born writing their name
It is a process of time,
Yet truth is truth,
We are told things
In which stories were created by
Lives have been changed by some of these
But then the lies too have caused
Many myths and stories
To destroy many lives…
The truth is best learned
By seeing someone else live it
Not so much proclaim it…
Too many have fought for their meaning of truth
Losing themselves in the process
And never again taking another breath.
The truth is best lived, not said.
We choose the choices
Which lead to our freedom
Or our slavery.
Be careful what you adopt
As your truth in this life
That was given to you.
No one knows every detail
But the truth comes to those seeking to do good
And live as we were meant to…
Truth or lie?
I cannot say,
I can only live.

Mark David Grijlava Peres

God Before Us

One cannot walk a straight line
When they are living two lives
Holding the hand of one thing
While thinking of another
Within the thoughts...
Wishing to be
When one is not
Is it fantasy vs. reality?
Are we seriously so naive
To understand that poison
does kill us?

Matthew 6:24

No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.

Whether it being money and wealth or
It can be anything we put before God
And the last time I looked in the Bible
And examples of those before us
We were commanded to keep God
In front of all...
We must believe and trust
That God can,
Above all, anyone or anything else...
But holding on to one...
While saying with our mouth
That we love this,
When we cannot let go of another
Brings us to this:

Revelation 3:15-17

15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold, nor hot. I would thou wert cold, or hot.
16 But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold, not hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth.
17 Because thou sayest: I am rich, and made wealthy, and have need of nothing: and knowest not, that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.

Anything we put before God
Will drag us down
Farther and farther from Him
Until there is nothing left.
So before we take another scoop
Of the enemies flavored lies
Think and choose wisely
Because every digestion
Will destroy our spirit and life.
If we love, then we show it
Not with words... but in actions.
Nothing in this life is as fulfilling
As that which God has for us.

Glory be to God... Amen.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Will We Listen?

We are called,
But will we listen?
We are chosen,
But will we accept?
He died for our salvation...
So why do we reject Him?
What do we ignore Him?
All that God has ever wanted
Is to bless us with
His gifts for us...
But we trade them in
For foolishness
That this world has to offer...
Everything has a price
But serving God
By accepting His sacrificial lamb,
Yeshuas crucifixion
And miracle resurrection
Should come natural...
All we need to do is exchange
Our filthy garments of sin in
For the purest of white garments...
Nothing is ever as easy as 1,2,3...
But if our hearts are geared towards
The Holy Cross and our eyes
Focused on heaven...
God will do the rest...
Plus we have the Holy Spirit
To lift us when we stumble
And fall...
We have our blessed Mother Mary
Interceding for us...
And the angels and saints praying for us...
We get so much more
Choosing God over the darkness
And lies lucifer has to offer.
I pray we all stay focused...
Being living examples of Gods love
For others to choose Him
Over the path
That leads to destruction.
God be our strength
God be our might
God lift us up
To where You need us to be.
That we will not flee
But come to You with glee.

Praises and glory be to You
Oh, precious God...
Creator of all.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Sunday, May 14, 2017

One Day Closer

Each day that passes,
Leaves us one less day...
Yet gives us another chance
To live in a much better way,
Closer to the truth...
So many have left for us to live...
Psalm 51... Psalm 23 and so many more Psalms... Matthew 6...
Proverbs 4 and so many more
Proverbs... 1 Corinthians 13...scripture after scriptures in which
our Jewish forefathers, Kings, prophets, brothers and sisters expressed with the power
of the Holy Spirit...
to the mighty words of Yeshua through the Gospels
in parables and actual words
of love for our souls...
to the disciples
who wrote letters after letters... accounting for the life
of our saviour and friend: Yeshua...
Our Blessed Holy Mother,
who gave us the most powerful tool: the Holy Rosary...
and prayers, devotions and chaplets prayers from the saints
That some of us know by heart and others we are still learning;
To modern and past writings
Of our Pope's, Fathers/Priests, Mothers/Nuns, Deacons
and lay men or women...
So much knowledge shared...
So much wisdom given...
For guidance, direction, strength
And life...
What do we choose to follow...
What are we reading or praying?
What fuel are we getting?
Are we, or are we not?
We cannot run in empty...
We cannot make it without
Practicing the sacraments...
We are nothing without God!
So let us join together
In Mass, prayer and study...
And learn what God wants for us...
Let us read and experience
What those before us and now
Have learned with God, Yeshua, the Holy Spirit and our Blessed Mother Mary...
We are always learning...
We are always growing...
Whether we see it
As one less day
Or one more day...
Take God's mighty hand
And walk the path
He created for you.

Amen... Glory be to God.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Mother's Day Thought

When I think of a mother...
I think of a selfless woman
Who gives of herself
To her children...
Who fears no one
And will stomp the head
Of anyone who
Thinks of or tries
To hurt her offspring...
To see her children suffer...
She too suffers
And tends to the hurting ones
While encouraging the stronger ones
To continue marching forward
In this life of twists and turns...
Many mothers come to mind
Whom I have had the pleasure
Of knowing through family and friends,
With the admiration I have for my very
Own mother who has shown me
How selfless and loving she is
To this very day... thank you mom.
Yet, I conclude my inspiration
To a mother above all mothers
Who I was told was the mother
Of Yeshua, my Saviour...
With no regards to her motherly
Attributes to all the children
Of this world...
Until the moment I fell
In desperation one day...
And she came like a mother,
Covered me and wiped my tears away,
Helping me up and pointing
To the cross... to follow her Son.
From that day on...
I knew another and only way
To see her for who she is...
My most precious heavenly queen
And most caring mother.
Thank you for the Rosary
And interceding for our prayers....
I love you most loving and blessed mother Mary... Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my love, to my mother, my sister, my nieces with their beautiful children, my sister-in-laws, my sisters-in Christ, friends and to all mothers in the world. May you all be blessed and follow the example of being patient, obedient and humble as our precious blessed Mother who we do not worship, but admire and love... as any child would their mother.

Blessed be God.
Copyright ©️✝️2015MDGP

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mothers Day 2015

Twas the day before Mothers Day
And all through the house
Chaos was running up and down
The hall ways
With motherly shouts!
Get your chores done
Pick up your shoes...
Dad and the children fussing
But slowly getting things done...
Children are drawing
Their art for tomorrow
And dads plotting a feast...
While mother is trying
To make it through the day
Without another grey hair
From flopping out from her head.

Jijijijiji jijijijji....

The children laugh with joy
As teens moan and groan
As to why they have to do this
And how much life isn't fair!

Let's all stop and be thankful
Giving glory to our God
In the heavens and planets
For our very own mother
And every mother as well...
Especially, mother's to be,
Be it their first or next in line...
That our blessed Father Abba
Touch each every mother
Not just today or
On Mother's day
But each day thereafter.

Lord thank you for our mother
And the perfect example of a mother
Our blessed Mother Mary
Who gave birth and raised
With blessed St. Joseph
Your son, Yeshua
And our Saviour...

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Sunday, May 7, 2017

First Always

What do you value more...
What do you put first?
The sight of your machinery
That takes you here and there
As so many cater to
Thinking it just might break apart;
The job that gives you
The available funds
To purchase all you desire
And live day to day...
The husband or wife
That has been faithfully
At your side... year after year;
The sight of the miracle
Each and every morning
When you awaken and wash
Away the nights slumber;
Or the mysterious breath
Breathed into each one of us
Individually by the One
Who loved us first?
We are to be thankful for all
That is and has been and will be
That He, our God gives...
But look at your life...
What do you value... what do you
Put first?
God put and puts us first
And it never changes...
Let Him always be first
In the life He blessed you with
For only He knows when,
where, what, who, how and why.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Don't Be Lured, Be Free

There is great evil lurking our land
It wants to destroy us...
Some of us lift our hands up in Mass
Secretly harboring evil in on our hearts,
Locked up in cages,
Thinking we can control it,
But it is actually it
That has us in cages...
Controlling us
Pushing God's grace out
And keeping us from the fullness
Of His blessing upon our life...
This evil is chipping away
At what God is trying to build in us...
We have been given everything
To live freely from this,
Through the life, death and resurrection
Of His son, Yeshua...
But this evil sent from the devil
Blocks us from knowing how
To accept the truth...
Instead we partake in
Abortions, domestic violence, sexual sin
Deception, slander, racism, murder,
drug abuse, injustice, hate, rebellion,
Fear, greed, gluttony, envy, pride, sloth,
Disobedience, confusion, and I am sure
We can all add to the list
With that which we do
And that which we pray against...
The evil will grow,
It will digest you
And corrupt you
Keeping you away from the light
And you cannot fight it,
Unless... Unless you surrender
Unto God, the messiah, and allow
The Holy Spirit to guide you
From thus point on.
I am no one to tell you
That you are wrong...
I can only pray for you,
pointing the way to Him,
As someone before me prayed
And pointed the way for me...
This will not make you perfect,
But the sculpture God
Can continue to make become
One if His master pieces
Against the evil that harbors,
Awaiting in every step you may take.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

Friday, May 5, 2017

It just is as simple as this...

Sometimes we must realize
What is being said
Is simply that...
Which is being said!
And instead of trying
To fix it yourself,
Simply stretch out both hands
Up to our Father in heaven
And allow Him to do
what He must
For our own well being
Unto His eyes...
All throughout the bible
That so many will say
Is not the only answer,
Yet, the bible gives us blue prints
And examples of life today,
yesterday and what will come...
Written, oh, so long ago, yes indeed!
But still writes of so many
Men and women
That lifted up their hands
Gave it to God
And God did what He needed.
Not always in favor to the flesh
On our bones...
But in favor of the spirit
Connected to Him.

May we all trust in, have faith in, and love Him with all our hearts.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

The greatest of these...

Pride... oh, pride
How you yell out
So many lies...
Filling minds
With the justification
To acknowledge self
Instead of our living Creator...
Yes... yes... yes...
I understand we must care indeed
For that which God
has blessed us with...
our own self!
But never to think
Me, me, me...
Putting me before He
Thinking me knows more than He
For He created the me
So many tend to believe
Is greater than...< >
But to such a lie
Originates from the father of hades
And this is not something to follow
For this alone,
Will leave you alone...
Nowhere in the passage does it say
Anything about me, me, me:

And many that are first, shall be last: and the last shall be first.
                                        Matthew 19:30

So there is nothing wrong
With a healthy self esteem...
In fact, I want to believe
That our Father who created us
Wants us to be proud of Him
Inside of us...
Guiding us, strengthening us and loving us...
But we must always be humble
As His very own Son, our Saviour is.

May God be our words, actions and love always... praying for selflessness
And more Godliness.


Mark David Grijalva Peres

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

You are the I am

To think they don't see
Is to believe
They were born without eyes
To think they don't feel
Is to believe
They were born without a heart
To think they don't think
Is to believe
They were born without a mind...
To think they will not follow
That which you do
And that which you don't do
Is to believe
You are not their parents
And they are not children...
Oh, Lord help us all as parents
To conceive the notion
That we are our children's
everything... surely after God...
And if we are their everything...
Then they will follow
Our every action
And not just our words!
Lord, please strengthen us all
And let us learn from the parents
You chose to raise Your Son,
Our King, our Saviour...
Both our blessed Joseph and Mary...
Who not only were obedient to You
But protected and raised Christ Jesus.
Not one of us is
perfect here on earth...
But with Your love...
We can discipline!
With Your grace...
We can be patient!
With Your mercy...
We can be just!
And with Your sacrifice on the Cross
We can ask for forgiveness,
Forgive... be humble
And teach our children
What true living is
And where it all begins!
Thank You for my parents
Dear Lord , heavenly king...
Forgive me for not always
Following Your commandment
In Honoring my Father & Mother...
And allow me to be a better parent
Through You to my daughters & son.

All Glory and Honor to You!
My Lord, my Creator and my Truth.

Mark David Grijalva Peres
Copyright ©️✝️2015MDGP