Monday, June 26, 2017

Grace Your Life With Divine Purpose

We look but do we see
That which we are to see
For the battles have been won
And we walk amongst the ashes
Fighting ghosts from a past
That we have no business living in
Swords have slaughtered
Bullets have shattered
And you stand there
Swinging your fists
To the very sight of your own shadow
What was lost in the wars
Will no longer rise
Or live again on this plain field
We can look back and admire
The heroes that rose
And those that took the fall
But never dwell, just learn
Our minds do tend to dwell
But that will just cause hell
Here on earth…
Bury the past
It did not last
And birth your thoughts
To the new breeze of today
And prepare it for tomorrow
Never again living in sorrow
Look at what we were meant to see
And never again look
Into the dark shadows
For lies do lie upon the land
It is your choice to take them by the hand
Grace your life with divine purpose
And drop the can of slow death
Fill your heart with joy
And let all the distress go
Today we are here
Yet not promised tomorrow
So learn from yesterday
And grow today
To live a better tomorrow.

Mark David Grijalva Peres

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