Sunday, June 25, 2017

The End is Our Beginning

In the end
The end has no outlet
We must live it
And not run from it...
We may think
It be the worst...
But anything based on sin
Has no truth
And positive outcome...
Father forgive us
For we do sin
As sinners we were born
While the enemy tugs
At our hearts
By whispering lies
Into our minds...
Don't listen
Don't live the lie
Speak not his poison...
For I have
And it ruins the hearts
Of those around
Today may seem like
An eternity
And we base so much
On things come to past
Yet we must base things
On what is to last...
What last be our God!
He is the only life
Worth living and seeking...
Forgive me
For I was born a sinner
Therefore I have sinned
And today I ask
For the forgiveness
I so desire and need
For in the end
I have lived
What I thought be my end
When it can be my true beginning.
In the name if the Father, the Son &
The Holy Spirit...


Mark David Grijalva Peres

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